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Get More Out of the Meeting with Tweeting! Use hashtag: #ISHLT2016

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Naomi Rios
Social Media Guru
ISHLT Annual Meeting

The modern way to stay connected at the 2016 ISHLT Annual Meeting is to follow us on Twitter - the online social network that connects you to news, stories, pictures and conversations that you'll find interesting.

Why Twitter?
Twitter allows you to use 140 characters to put down your thoughts in a message. It also lets you follow other Twitter users, and retweet interesting content. You can begin conversations with other users by typing their Twitter handle (person's user name) for example, @person. We highly encourage you to join our online conversations as we keep you up-to-date with the latest news, meeting information and events taking place at this year's meeting.

We will be Tweeting before, during and after the Annual Meeting in Washington, DC, using the hashtag #ISHLT2016.

If you already have a Twitter account, go and Follow us now! (@ISHLT or https://twitter.com/ishlt). If you want a Twitter account, you can easily go to www.twitter.com and create one for free! If you don't have an account and choose not to create one, you can still search for #ISHLT2016 on Twitter and read what is posted.

The Power of the #hashtag
In the Twitter world, a pound sign (#) is called a "hashtag". It is a keyword tag for the tweet allowing other followers to find it. Just by simply hashtagging #ISHLT2016 you are following the trend and enlightening other followers on content associated with the 2016 Annual meeting.

Looking to learn more about Twitter, Twitter lingo and how to use it? Below are some great links for you to look at:


WARNING: Once you get the hang of it, Twitter is entertaining, informative and addicting. Have fun and tweet away!

7 Super Tips That Will Make You a Tweeting Pro

  1. If you reach the max 140 characters in your tweet, try abbreviating words to make more space for your message.
  2. Found a tweet that you found interesting? Go ahead and retweet it (RT)! Doing so will allow you to re-share the tweet, giving credit to that source or follower.
  3. Keep it professional and respectful. Stay away from foul language and thoughts. Remember, Twitter is a public forum. Once you say it online, it's hard to take it back.
  4. When creating a message, don't overuse hashtags. 2 or 3 are enough for your message.
  5. Be sure to give credit where credit is due. Always make sure to credit the person you are paraphrasing or the source you are quoting.
  6. There will be a ton of eyes on your content. Be sure to Tweet accurate information for them to follow.
  7. Let the world know who you are by showing your personality through each tweet!

Disclosure Statement: The author has no conflicts of interest to disclose.

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