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2016 Call for Symposium Proposals

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Andrew J. Fisher, FRCP, PhD
Freeman Hospital
Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK

Dear ISHLT Members and Colleagues:

Thanks to the enthusiastic participation of many of our ISHLT members, the 35th Annual Meeting in Nice, France, was a huge success! We are now asking you all to continue this momentum by proposing scientific content for the ISHLT 36th Annual Meeting & Scientific Sessions to be held in Washington, DC, USA, April 27-30, 2016.

As program chair for the 2016 meeting, I encourage you to submit your best ideas for the pre-meeting and sunrise symposia and/or invited Plenary talks. Although well worked-up complete symposia proposals are preferred, we also welcome suggestions for potential plenary speakers from outside the transplant community who will deliver an entertaining or thought-provoking presentation with widespread appeal to members.

Your input into this process will be invaluable to the Symposium Planning Committee since the majority of the invited scientific content for the Annual Meeting will arise from proposals submitted by ISHLT Members and Scientific Councils.

Below are links to the symposium proposal submission site and the plenary lecture proposal form:

You are strongly encouraged to consult with the Education Workforce Chair(s) and Council Chair(s) appropriate to your topic before submitting a symposium proposal. They will provide guidance regarding educational areas identified as priorities for the Annual Meeting. Many Councils are using the Discussion Forums in ISHLTConnect to share ideas and collaborate, so I encourage you to log in and read what has been posted in your Council's forum, or post your own ideas and gather feedback from your colleagues. Make sure you read the article in the May 2015 issue of the ISHLT Links Newsletter on how to use ISHLTConnect and join in the discussions!

I am keen on showcasing our cross-disciplinary collaboration for the 2016 meeting which distinguishes the ISHLT second to no other society. You are therefore encouraged to develop proposals that will demonstrate collaboration among the different ISHLT specialties. The list of current committees and councils can be found at www.ishlt.org under the "Boards and Committees" and "Councils" tabs.

The deadline for receipt of proposals is Tuesday, June 2, 2015.

All proposals will be reviewed by program committee representatives from the relevant discipline area. The final development of invited scientific content will take place during the Symposium Planning Committee meeting in July.

If you have any questions about the submission process, please contact Susie Newton (susie.newton@ishlt.org) at the ISHLT office.

Please accept my thanks in advance for your valuable input. I look forward to seeing you in Washington, DC! ■

Disclosure Statement: The author has no conflicts of interest to disclose.

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