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Keep Calm and Connect Online!

Do you have a difficult case weighing heavily on your mind and would appreciate some advice & feedback from other ISHLT members who might have experience with a similar case? Perhaps you have an idea for a symposium for the 2016 Annual Meeting but would like to collaborate with others to fine tune it before actually submitting a proposal? Do you have a job opportunity at your institution and need a quick way to spread the word to fellow transplant professionals? Are you interested in mentoring a fellow member, or wish to be mentored by one? Are you interested in contacting members from a specific geographic location, or a specific professional specialty, or a specific center/institution, but have no idea how to find or contact them?

Look no further than your own desktop! You have the power to do all of the above and more right from your fingertips, simply by logging into ISHLTConnect, our Online Community. As many of our members already know, this online community provides you with a powerful tool for networking, sharing ideas, getting advice and feedback, comparing strategies, sharing documents and resources, posting job opportunities, mentoring, and interacting on many levels with your fellow ISHLT members.

ISHLTConnect offers a number of communities within the site which correspond to each of the ISHLT Scientific Councils, Scientific Workforces, and Committees. As an ISHLT member, you are automatically subscribed to the Councils, Workforces, and Committees on which you are already a member so you automatically have access to the discussion forums and document/resource libraries of those communities. Membership in the 11 ISHLT Scientific Councils is voluntary and open to all interested members. Membership in the Scientific Workforces and Committees is invitational only, based on whether you have been appointed to serve on one of them.

Accessing ISHLTConnect is easy! Go to http://community.ishlt.org/home and login using your ISHLT username and password. (Can't remember your username or password? Follow the "Forgot password?" link on the login screen and your username/password information will be emailed to you.) You can even set your language preference by using the "Select Language" feature in the upper left corner of the screen.

Once you've logged in, feel free to browse the site to see what it offers, update your personal profile and add a photo (you can bring this over from LinkedIn if you have a LinkedIn account), check to see that you are subscribed to the appropriate communities, customize your privacy settings and your subscriptions settings, create a contact list of other members, or post a message to your colleagues.

You can post a message to one of the Scientific Council Communities you belong to or in the Open Forum, to which all members are subscribed (see link on blue navigation bar). If you wish to be a member of a Scientific Council that you are not currently subscribed to, simply click on the link provided on the Council's community page to access the ISHLT Members Only website, where you can update your profile and join any of the 11 Scientific Councils.

Unsure how to navigate, post a message or job opportunity, or update your profile? For answers to these questions and more, we've created a "How To" Guide which gives you easy to follow, step-by-step instructions on how to do everything in ISHLTConnect.

We are confident that you will find ISHLTConnect user friendly, interesting, and enjoyable. If you have any questions or need any assistance with gaining access, please contact Susie Newton (Susie.Newton@ishlt.org) or Megan Barrett (Megan.Barrett@ishlt.org) for assistance.■

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