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2015 Annual Meeting: Daily Links

For those who missed the meeting, are looking for a recap or just want to refresh your memory, the Daily Links can be a valuable source. View the articles written by our Roving Reporters, Sai K. Bhagra, Catriona J. Bhagra, Erin Schumer, Simon Pecha and Emily Stimpson, and put together by Vincent Valentine, Lauren Daniels and Naomi Rios for an up to date guide on the daily happenings of the 35th ISHLT Annual Meeting and Scientific Sessions.

Wednesday, April 15: Welcome to beautiful Nice from Andreas Zuckerman, Program Committee Chair
Thank you all in the Program Committee for out-performing! And thank you to the members of our Society for their active participation on submitting wonderful proposals for the pre-meeting symposia - an all-time high of 130! This year's meeting will be truly international. An international venue, an international President cooperating with an international program chair giving us an international flavor. Amazing science will be presented. Its quantity and quality of science for this year's meeting fills me with awe. Abstract submissions were an all-time high indicative of a premier Society where novel data on the care for those with advanced heart and lung diseases. Read more →

Thursday, April 16: France, Science, ISHLT and Nice
What better venue to bring the International potpourri of the ISHLT than to Nice. Before credit is given to France for the many important scientific achievements from the 18th and 19th Century, think about the parallel influence from Germany of then and now. Also, other influences from Europe cannot be ignored especially from England, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, The Netherlands, Russia and other parts of the world. But because we are in France, because France had an edge in the days of the Enlightenment, and because most of the major figures seem to have come from France and the Academy of Sciences in France, let's recall some of these names that still shape us today. Read more →

Friday, April 17: A Cabaret of Senses: A Touch of Class
The origin of Nice can be traced to ancient Greece, at least in name. The Greeks believed music had the power to change nature, heal the sick and transform the human heart. The ISHLT and its roots have been changing hearts for the sake of humanity for nearly half a century. But yesterday, it was Hermann and Andreas who orchestrated a change to the programmed arrangement of the ISHLT Plenary by immersing us into a blend of visual and auditory delight. This was accomplished by bringing their inimitable music cultures for us to witness the aesthetic beauty of the arabesque, assemblé, penché, piqué, pirouette and plié, among the many ballet terms (France formalized ballet which can provide one an introduction to the French language) performed by the Federal Youth Ballet choreographed by John Neumeier and set to none other than Beethoven's String Quartet. We were left with a bit of impressionism of merci by the Ballet's final piece. Read more →

Saturday, April 18: Feast Your Eyes
In 1889, Debussy wrote, "To a Frenchman, finesse and nuance are the daughters of intelligence." This can be more applicable to static artistry, which can move us as much as art in motion and in music. However, words cannot begin to express the impression the Musée Marc Chagall and Musée Matisse will leave on us from their static artistry. When one thinks of France and Paris, it's the visual stills created that have moved humanity and will continue to do so in perpetuity. It is from France, as alluded to yesterday, and the "impression" we'll have as we approach our departures with the "blurs" and "wisps of clouds" now a part of us because of the 35th Annual ISHLT in Nice. Perhaps we'll carry back with us more clarity than what we had just prior to our arrivals. Read more →

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