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Abstract Deadline Day has passed...Now all the best content awaits you at ISHLT 2016!

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Andrew J. Fisher, FRCP, PhD
2016 Program Chair

Another key milestone in our preparations for the Annual Meeting 2016 in Washington DC has been completed!

The abstract submission deadline saw over 1500 abstracts submitted for presentation. I won't deny that 24 hours before the abstract deadline I was feeling very concerned that there wouldn't be enough content, as only 300 completed abstracts had been received. However, I should have realized that many were adding finishing touches to their best work; at the last minute another 1200 came in, most in the final 6 hours!

Already our army of almost 300 reviewers has scored them all, readying them for the program committee to build oral, mini-oral and poster sessions. It's at this time where the impressive level of engagement from our membership with the Annual meeting becomes clear. A substantial percentage of members will play a part in delivering the meeting as speakers, chairs, moderators and presenters, as well as the huge efforts made by the reviewers and the program committee.

Please keep an eye out for our promotional emails, which will highlight different parts of the program every few weeks and give you a list of not to be missed presentations. You should also have recently received the preliminary program by mail, which highlights what a fabulous venue Washington DC will provide for our Annual Meeting.

It's never too early to start planning your trip, so go ahead and secure your meeting registration, accommodation and travel for what will be a memorable meeting in a brilliant venue. All you need can be found on the Annual Meeting page of the website. ■

Disclosure Statement: The author has no conflicts of interest to disclose.

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