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Would You Take This Donor?

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Monica M. Colvin, MD
University of Michigan Health Systems
Ann Arbor, MI, uSA

Selecting the appropriate donor for a given recipient is perhaps the most crucial factor in determining post-transplant outcomes. Conferences, statements, and manuscripts abound yet still have not clarified the nuances of optimal donor and recipient matching.

With little data to guide us, we often formulate decisions based on prior experience and use the multiple hit theory to provide rationale when a donor just doesn't seem right, "Well...it's a female into a male, she used cocaine three years ago, and was hypertensive. One small hit is ok, but three small hits? Maybe we shouldn't take it." Then we poll additional colleagues, "Would you have taken this donor?"

The HFTX Council is launching a Donor Dilemmas blog to allow exchange of experience and expertise within the broader heart transplant community. We anticipate this to be a highly engaging and informative forum. Presenters will post a case only with donor and recipient information. Participants will be asked to discuss the case and vote on whether they would accept the donor. The outcome of the case will be posted after the voting period.

Bojan Vrtovec, Education Workforce Leader, and Michael Pham, Vice-Chair, are working diligently to develop this into an interactive and engaging learning experience. Video clips and real time voting are currently being investigated.

The launch for this site is set for December 1 and cases will be posted every other month. We hope all will participate in the discussions, and we are seeking brave volunteers to provide cases. These can be forwarded to Bojan Vrtovec (bojan.vrtovec@gmail.com). ■

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