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Transplant Registry Early Career Award

Summer greetings from the Junior Faculty and Trainee Council of the ISHLT! As you return from summer holiday/vacation, we wanted to alert you to an exciting opportunity that is available from ISHLT for fellows and junior faculty. The Transplant Registry Early Career Award is given annually to a fellow or junior faculty member to fund a clinical research project that utilizes the ISHLT registry. The deadline for submission will be January 15, 2015, and up to three awards will be funded.

To be eligible to receive the award: 1) the applicant or the research project director must be a member of the ISHLT at the time of application and throughout the period of funding, 2) the applicant must be a fellow or junior faculty (instructor or assistant professor level) at the time of application, and 3) the applicant must not have already received extramural funding for the same time period.

The award is for $5000 (3745 €) over one year. The award also includes statistical support to define study groups and generate a dataset for the analysis. This part of the project is supported by the Registry lead statistician Leah Edwards, Ph.D. The full analysis is then to be performed by the awardee, with statistical support at their institution, or, alternatively, the awardee can request further statistical support from the Registry statistical core. If statistical support beyond the dataset generation is requested form the Registry, a contract will be set up between the applicant's institution and the Registry, and an appropriate amount of the grant funds will be used to cover the cost of the statistical support. The awardees are strongly encouraged to also involve one of the registry associate directors in data analysis and interpretation.

If you are interested in applying for the award but don't have a suitable research project director at your institution, the Registry steering committee will assist with finding a suitable project director.

For full details about the award please visit the ISHLT Transplant Registry Early Career Award website where you can also access a sample application to review (with thanks to Dr. Nativi and Dr. Stehlik).

For other questions about the application process, please contact Phyllis Glenn at Phyllis.glenn@ishlt.org.

the Junior Faculty and Trainee Council

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