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Edmonton Research Could Transform Heart Transplants Worldwide

Edmonton Journal, 07 Oct 2014

A team of Edmonton researchers received a $1-million award Tuesday - the largest single research award in the University Hospital Foundation's history - for a project that could change the field of heart transplantation.
The project, led by principal investigator Dr. Jason Dyck, involves genetically modifying a transplantable heart to make it more resistant to rejection and less likely to fail. By delivering therapeutic genes to the heart, researchers say they could improve outcomes for transplant patients. Read full article →


New App and Web Page Allow Self-Screening for Rare Lung Disease Symptoms

Technology Tell, 02 Oct 2014

German biotechnology firm Boehringer Ingelheim has launched a new mobile app and Web page self-test as part of its efforts to raise awareness of Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF), a chronic, progressive, severely debilitating and ultimately lethal lung disease for which there are no FDA-approved treatment options in the U.S. Read full article →


He Won Her Heart, She Got New Lungs. Hospital Proposal has Happy Ending

Today Health, 10 Oct 2014

Ashley Campbell isn't a young woman who spent a lot of time thinking about the perfect partner, the perfect wedding, the perfect life. Campbell, 22, has cystic fibrosis (CF) and all she wanted to do was breathe, just a little bit easier.
Her lungs were failing, standard treatments weren't working and her only hope for survival was a double-lung transplant. However, donor organs are scare. And with a chronic, life-threatening disease like CF, she was never quite sure she would meet a man who would be brave enough to join his life with hers. Those partners are scarce, too. Read full article →

Breathe Deeply for the Three of Us

The Economist, 28 Sep 2014

IN 1993 Vaughn Starnes, a Californian surgeon, performed an operation on a 13-year-old patient with cystic fibrosis, a disease that affects breathing. He removed one lung lobe from each of the parents then transplanted them into the child's lungs. All three survived their operations and the child's condition improved dramatically. It's a happy tale. How can economics get it to happen more frequently? Read full article →

Organ Transplant Patients Face Higher Risk of Skin Cancer

SFGate, 01 Oct 2014

When doctors informed Darrell Johnson that his lung transplant would put him at higher risk of skin cancer, he didn't give it a lot of thought. His concerns at the moment were bigger.
A genetic disease had slowly robbed his lungs of the ability to expand and contract. He couldn't breathe without an oxygen tank, which he carried in a backpack, and only a double lung transplant, which he received in August 2008 at UCSF, would save his life. Read full article →

Scientists Find Possible New Therapy for Rare Lung Disease in Children

Fox News, 06 Oct 2014

Researchers at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center have discovered a new gene and cell therapy that could treat a rare lung disease in children.
In the study, published in the journal Nature, researchers found that transplanting pulmonary macrophages- immune cells- into the lungs of mice corrected hereditary pulmonary alveolar proteinosis (hPAP). Read full article →

An Implanted Sensor Is Helping Heart Patients

The Ledger, 06 Oct 2014

It used to be that Susan Beck had to go see her doctor to get a check on her heart failure symptoms.
Now, Dr. Ray Benza can check on her condition everyday, without Beck leaving her Ingram, Pa., home.
A sensor implanted in Beck's pulmonary artery generates data about arterial pressure levels, a key indicator of whether her heart failure is worsening, and transmits the information for the doctor's review. Read full article →

Redwood City Woman Is Longest-Living Person with Same Transplanted Heart

ABC News, 08 Oct 2014

Wednesday marks a medical milestone for pediatric heart transplants.
The youngest, successful heart transplant recipient has become America's longest-living with the same transplanted heart for 30 years.
32-year-old Lizzy Craze lives in Redwood City. She's married, likes to run and is the only heart transplant recipient in the country, possibly the world, to survive with the same donated heart she received as a toddler. She said she thinks it's a cool milestone. Read full article →

Massachusetts Woman Marks Key Heart Transplant Anniversary

The Bellingham Herald, 04 Oct 2014

Without a heart transplant, Marie Larner, who was in heart failure and suffered five heart attacks, would likely have died more than two decades ago.
"I would have been long gone," Larner said.
Instead, Larner, 81, got to know her granddaughters as they grew up and saw the birth of three great-grandsons.
"It was worth it," Larner said. Read full article →

Two Heart Transplants Lead to One Romance for Buffalo Couple

University of Rochester Medical Center, 29 Sep 2014

Can love help mend the heart? Esther FitzRandolph and Danny Pszczolkowski were both dealing with heart failure - broken hearts, if you will - and progressing through different phases of the heart transplant process when they met as patients at UR Medicine's Strong Memorial Hospital. A romance that sparked during their hospitalizations blossomed earlier this year, and their new hearts are stronger than ever before. Read full article →

Nurses Outraged by Blame Game

MedPage Today, 13 Oct 2014

"They threw the nurses under the bus. And when they admitted that it was not the nurses' fault, there was no apology."
That assessment of the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital's handling of the Thomas E. Duncan case comes from a nurse who supervises the emergency department at another community hospital in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. Read full article →

A Special 'Lung Party' Celebration of Life in New Orleans

The Times-Picayune, 01 Nov 2014

If you were in the French Quarter last Saturday night, you might have seen a large group of revelers wearing matching green shirts with "LPX, Lung Party 10 New Orleans" on the front. If you saw them, you could tell they were having a glorious time.

They were second-lining through the streets with the Jaywalkers Second Line Jazz Band, making their merry way from Olivier's restaurant to the Cat's Meow. Read full article →

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