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ISHLT's Guide to Nice, France: Food, Glorious Food!

Megan Barrett
ISHLT Headquarters
Addison, TX, USA

With our Annual Meeting planned in a location as beautiful as Nice, we know there is much to consider outside the walls of The Acropolis. With this in mind, we have compiled a tourist's guide to all the top attractions in Nice that we will break down to share in each new issue of the Links Newsletter.

This month's focus will be on everyone's top priority: Food. Nice is well known as a tourist attraction, but also for its lifestyle and food. The cuisine is traditional and Mediterranean, though it often features its own marker. The prestigious label of "Cuisine Nissarde" is awarded to restaurants that work to promote Nice's cuisine by undertaking to follow the recipes, use quality products and raw ingredients, provide customers with a warm welcome and information and comply with the health and safety regulations. The following restaurants are known to be Cuisine Nissarde:

Another way to experience the complimentary flavors of Nice is on a walking tour through the heart of Nice's cultural center. Enjoy all of the history of Nice's gastronomy on a tour through the city: candied fruit, olive oil, socca, fruit, vegetable and fish markets, a stroll through the narrow shopping streets of the Old City.

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