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Third Time's the Charm

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Anders Andreasson, MD
Freeman Hospital
Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

As part of the mission, ISHLT aims to provide and update international guidelines, consensus documents, standards statements, and policy statements regarding end stage heart and lung disease and cardiothoracic transplantation. The first edition of international guidelines for the selection of lung transplant candidates was published in 1998, and this was last updated in 2006. Given the continued evolution of the field, the Pulmonary Transplantation Council now presents a Third Edition of the Consensus Report for the Selection of Lung Transplant Candidates.

links imageThe goal is to assist physicians, both those who refer candidates and those who work in the lung transplant field, in properly identifying patients who are the most likely to benefit from lung transplantation. The new consensus document follows the current trend of more open selection terms adhering less strictly to age limitation, co-morbidities, type and severity of concurrent infection and support the conditional acceptance of patients supported with mechanical lung ventilation or extracorporeal life support. Importantly, an updated list of absolute contraindications include untreatable or significant dysfunction of another major organ system, malignancy, and acute medical instability.

"We've had a unique opportunity to pull together physicians and surgeons who are considered to be experts in their field, to come up with these guidelines to assist both patients and non-patients," stated a satisfied Chair of the Writing Group, Dr. David Weill. With 14 invited thoracic physicians and surgeons having taken part in the writing process, there is good hope for a broad agreement on these updated guidelines for lung transplant recipient selection.

A complete list of ISHLT Guidelines and Consensus Reports can be found at:

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