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~ ISHLT Members in the News ~

Two ISHLT members are worthy of our undivided attention and deserve the spotlight in this month's Tattling Links page. We think you will agree!

Cardiologist Sharon Hunt to Receive Hewlett Award
Stanford University School of Medicine News
February 2014

sharon huntAfter years of research, patient care, teaching, winning awards, mentoring trainees, and traveling all over the world, Sharon Hunt, MD, has done almost everything a transplant cardiologist could do. Added to her list of accomplishments will soon be the 2013 Hewlett Award. Walter Albion Hewlett was known as a physician of rare compassion and extraordinary skills. He was recognized for his outstanding contributions to patient care and medical science, much like Sharon Hunt. The award is designed as a recurring tribute to Hewlett, a professor and executive head of the Department of Medicine from 1916 to 1925. Being chosen as the Hewlett Award recipient was humbling, says Hunt, Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine. "I looked at the list of previous awardees, almost all of whom I knew, and there are some pretty amazing people. It's also special because it is particular to Stanford, close to home, and personal." Read more

Sweet named Marriott Professor
Washington University in St. Louis Newsroom
February 4, 2014

stuart sweetStuart C. Sweet, MD, PhD, a world leader in pediatric lung transplantation, has been named the W. McKim Marriott, MD, Professor of Pediatrics at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis. The professorship is supported by a dedicated endowment established by the St. Louis Children's Hospital Foundation in partnership with St. Louis Children's Hospital and the School of Medicine. It honors W. McKim Marriott, MD, who was a noted professor and chairman of pediatrics at the School of Medicine before serving as the school's dean from 1923-36. Professor Emeritus James P. Keating, MD, was the inaugural W. McKim Marriott, MD, Professor of Pediatrics. Keating retired in 2012. "I am honored to hold this professorship, which reminds us of the important contributions Drs. Marriott and Keating made to Washington University and St. Louis Children's Hospital," Sweet said. "And I am grateful for the support provided by the St. Louis Children's Hospital Foundation, which will help me continue our important work in pediatric transplantation." Read more

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