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Pharmacy and Pharmacology Council: Jumping in Feet First

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Tamara E. Claridge, PharmD
Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

The last 12 months were very productive for our council with a greater than 50% increase in council membership now totaling 141 members. We tripled the number of pharmacy sponsored education sessions at the annual meeting in San Diego, along with increasing our presence as speakers and chairs; our council voice has been heard. The meeting provided many opportunities for learning moments for our members in a variety of practice areas. There was a great turnout at the council meeting and we were able to continue the fun that evening networking at the Edgewater Grill; I believe we were the last to leave. Mike Shullo won the BSTR Academy's best educational presentation award and Lauren Sacha won the JFTC Clinical Case Dilemmas in Thoracic Transplantation best presentation award. Chris Ensor and Amanda Ingemi both won ISHLT Links Travel Awards and the council is looking forward to other great submissions from our membership for the September and February Links editions (contact Ed Horn at ehorn@wpahs.org if you are interested). For many of our pharmacist members we were able to provide ACPE credits at this year's meeting, a process that we hope to continue permanently at future meetings. We are exploring the CE requirements for non-US practicioners. We also selected new committee representative/liaisons for the next 24 month period and look forward to their updates to council leadership. I look forward to working with our new vice-chair Walt Uber. A big thank you to our previous chair, and committee representatives/ liaisons for their great work in representing our council.

As we expand our horizons, what do we have to look forward to? Continued increase in symposium submissions, chair and speakers as evidenced by the amount of email flying across my desk these past few weeks. Increased cross-council collaboration via participation in the MCS infection management working group and pulmonary AMR workgroups and we work to continue to have others councils consider the voice/role of our council members when creating collaborations/ workgroups/consensus documents that involve the discussion of drug therapy. To facilitate this intra/inter-council collaboration, the council created a member survey to delineate our members' clinical practice areas, years of practice along with desired degree of involvement in annual meeting activities. We hope to further increase our membership by 10%, by encouraging members especially those outside of the US who are practicing in pharmacy/pharmacology to join the council. We want to hear their voices and understand the differences in practice compared to what we commonly do in the US, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom. Many of our members are fairly new to practice and we look to expand the mentor/mentee relationship beyond the ISHLT annual meeting interaction. We have used the member survey to identify our junior members who want to have a mentor and plan to match them with senior members who indicated they would like to be a mentor by practice area. Hopefully these pairings will results in positive networking, career/practice support and possible research collaborations along with the generation of new ISHLT symposium ideas for future annual meetings. Our core competency statement is under review. We also have been tossing around ideas to increase collaboration amongst our council members including research activities. Lastly we look to expand the use of our council's community page to facilitate communication amongst our council members and to generate collaboration, workgroup ideas. I hope to see many of our members at the meeting in Nice.

As I stated at our council meeting, ISHLT and the Pharmacy and Pharmacology Council welcomes those who want to dip their toes into society/council activity/involvement and those who jump in feet first as in my case and many others. We're not just treading water, we're swimming along, not afraid of deep waters or even swimming outside the mainstream or upstream.

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