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Pediatric Transplantation Council Report

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Janet N. Scheel, MD
Children's National Health System
Washington, DC, USA

I returned from the meeting in San Diego full of excitement and enthusiasm to be Chair of The Pediatric Council for 2014-2015. Was this because I had seen the sun in California after a dismal East Coast winter or because I had inhaled some of the now legal smoke fumes flying over Colorado?

I am happy to say, I remain very excited about what the Pediatric Council has accomplished this past year and very excited about the coming year.

We had over 100 members at our council meeting in San Diego. For those of us who remember when we were lucky to fill even half of a very small room, this was a terrific sight.

Richard Kirk reported for the Registry workforce at the meeting in San Diego. The 2014 Scientific Program had four presentations from the pediatric registry and six analyses are underway. The I2C2 workforce had a successful joint session at The European Society of Transplant meeting this year.

Dr Debra Dodd has done a great job as head of the Education taskforce for the past several years. At this year's meeting we had some excellent science presented and outstanding symposia, including one on the ethical considerations of transplantation which overflowed into the hallway!

The Pediatric Heart Failure Workforce, under the leadership of Yuk Law, has been very busy working on several collaborations. The workforce survey spearheaded by Scott Auerbach has been completed and under the guidance of Ryan Butts, a research consortium has been formed. Plans are underway for an international heart failure registry and a collaborative grant writing group.

Obviously, we have had a very productive year in the Pediatric Council under Marc Schecter's guidance. We hope to keep up the momentum and have an even more productive 2014-15.

We had four candidates for Vice Chairman, a position ultimately won by T.P. Singh from Boston. Our leadership at present is:

Chair: Janet Scheel
Vice Chair: TP Singh
Immediate Past Chair: Marc Schecter
Pediatric Education Workforce Leader: Debra Dodd
Registries and Databases Workforce Leader: Scott Auerbach
I2C2 Workforce Leader: Anne Dipchand
Pediatric Heart Failure Workforce Leader: Yuk Law
Junior faculty and Trainee Workforce Leader: Chesney Castleberry
Board of Directors Liaison: Christian Benden
BSTR Liaison: Carol Conrad

The mission of The Pediatric Council is to allow professionals interested in pediatric thoracic transplant the opportunity to associate and collaborate on clinical and research interests and to move the field of pediatric thoracic transplant forward. Because the field continues to evolve, the mission is never accomplished and there is always more to do.

So far this year we have had the successful publication of an ISHLT monograph on "Guidelines For The Management of Pediatric Heart Failure", now available to members for just $25. Using the "controversies in Recipient Selection" symposium as a springboard, we are hoping to develop a consensus statement on recipient eligibility. The American Heart Association has a newly formed Pediatric Heart Failure subcommittee under the Cardiovascular Disease in The Young section and we anticipate joint projects in the future.

Many suggestions for symposia for next year's meeting in France are in the process of being submitted to the Program Scientific Committee. The topics are great. I thank everyone who took the time to submit their ideas. The final symposia are chosen by the Program Committee and often are a combination of multiple submissions. If you do not see yours on the program do not be discouraged and please continue to submit ideas every year. Our Masters Academy was very successful last year and there are discussions of planning another one for 2016 in Washington, DC (My town, yeah!).

Since returning from San Diego, I have had many members contact me with suggestions and asking about getting involved. Keep those great ideas and e-mails coming! They will help ensure a productive year for our Council.

Disclosure Statement: the author has no conflicts of interest to report.

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