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Junior Faculty and Trainee Council - On the Horizon

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Manreet Kanwar, MD
Allegheny General Hospital
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Our Council was developed a few years ago with the vision of finding avenues for junior faculty members to become an integral part of ISHLT. With a promising 2013 behind us, and an active membership of over 400 members, we just submitted 39 symposium ideas to meet this week's deadline for ISHLT 2015 meeting (and yes, the extra incentive of potentially going to Nice, helps!). Being involved as abstract reviewers, poster moderators, organizing JHLT at ISHLT and co-hosting several oral sessions is helping us contribute to the society in a meaningful way. This past year, we set up the International Fellowship Database for various sub-specialty training opportunities across the globe, which now includes information on over 200 programs. We hope to extend it to include an avenue for advertising for job opportunities in the coming years.

So where do we go from here?

As we continue to get our young colleagues from across the world more involved in the council, the JFTC provides us with a unique platform to share ideas and suggestions, which may allow us to help each other out. Now that the flurry of symposium submissions have settled down, our goal is to set a challenge for our colleagues from all over the world to find way to tackle the Achilles' heel of organ transplantation: organ donation awareness. In the coming weeks, we will invite ideas on how to identify and overcome challenges in organ donation from centers all over the world. Using the ISHLT Online Community and working in collaboration with organ procurement agencies and international outreach councils, we will mobilize enthusiasm to share new and existing ideas of addressing this age-old problem. We hope to see junior faculty members become dedicated ambassadors to the cause of shortening the waiting times on the lists. It will mean thinking outside the box ... reaching out to avenues we may not have thought of ... involving sports and music stars to take up our cause ... organizing 5K walks/runs to get the word out. There has to be a way to increase donor awareness and our goal for year 2015 is to find it!

Perhaps it sounds too lofty - but perhaps this will be JFTC's legacy for the transplant world!

That, and world peace. :-)

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."
- Eleanor Roosevelt

Disclosure Statement: the author has no conflicts of interest to report.

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