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ID Council 2014: What To Do in Thoracic Transplantation and MCS

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Fernanda Silveira, MD
ISHLT Infectious Diseases Council Chair
University of Pittsburgh Medical Center
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Our Council continues to be extremely active in the Society. We currently have 212 members and all the different specialties that comprise the society are represented in our membership.

The past year was a fantastic year for the ID Council. We finalized our core competencies document, which has been submitted to the Education Committee and is pending board approval; the infectious diseases variables were approved and are now programmed in IMACS; our representatives provided input in important issues for the incoming heart transplant listing guidelines and lung transplant listing consensus document; the multidisciplinary fungal expert panel finished writing their consensus document, which is now undergoing peer review. The summary of recommendations of the fungal panel was presented at a very well attended symposium at the meeting in San Diego.

Although this past year was extremely productive, 2014 came with promises to be even better. The goals for this year include wrapping up current projects, such as publishing the fungal expert panel consensus document and the results of the survey of prevention strategies in MCS. We also aim to obtain board approval of our core competencies document in order to move forward with the proposal for an academy in 2016. Discussions during the development of the heart and lung transplant listing criteria documents made it clear that HIV infection can no longer be considered an absolute contra-indication for transplantation; however, individual center experiences are currently not shared and to advance the knowledge in this field a multicenter, multinational effort is needed. One of the new initiatives for this year is the proposal to create a mini-registry of thoracic transplantation and MCS in HIV infected individuals.

Our two most ambitious projects for this year:

  1. "What to do in the case of...? ISHLT's reference guide for the work-up and diagnosis of common syndromes in thoracic organ transplant recipients"
    The development of the reference guide was approved by the Standards & Guidelines Committee earlier in the year and the author invitations have been sent. This guide is targeted to individuals who care for thoracic transplant recipients and will list the most frequent etiologies of different clinical syndromes, signs and symptoms and laboratory findings encountered in thoracic transplantation, along with a proposed work-up for each one of these findings. The main goal is to assist the user in avoiding unnecessary tests and achieving a faster etiologic diagnosis so that the appropriate treatment can be initiated. The guide will be published as an e-book, to facilitate access at the bedside and development of an app will be pursued once the content is finalized. Several members of the society, from different specialties, have agreed to participate in this project and chapters are currently being written. Please be on the lookout as very soon we will be requesting the assistance of experts to serve as session editors. The goal is to have the guide ready before the meeting in Nice.
  2. MCS infection management strategies working group
    Since the meeting in Montreal we have been having discussions about the creation of a MCS infection management strategies working group. This effort is being led by Shimon Kusne and individuals from the ID, MCS, Nursing and Pharmacy councils have agreed to participate as co-chairs. The goal of the working group is to develop a consensus document addressing preventive as well as management strategies for infections in MCS. This initiative has been approved by the operating board of the ID Council and a proposal to be submitted to the Standards & Guidelines committee is being developed.

We will hold elections for Vice Chair in 2015. The only change to our operating board composition is our Links representation. Middy Estabrook and Macé Schuurmans did a tremendous job in the past two years as our Links representatives and now accepted new responsibilities. We are in search of a vibrant, dedicated individual to replace them. Our council will be featured in the July and November issues and article contributions are welcome.

Lastly, our Council, under the guidance of our education workforce leader, Me-Linh Luong, has worked hard and in collaboration with other Councils to submit great symposia proposals for next year.

I look forward to another productive year, welcome new members of the ID Council and encourage those interested in participating in some of our initiatives to contact me or the leaders of each initiative. See you all in Nice next April.

Disclosure Statement: the author has no conflicts of interest to report.

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