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Photo Credit: Musee Massena, VDN, OTC Nice, http://en.nicetourisme.com

Is it nice in Nice?

Megan Barrett
ISHLT Headquarters
Addison, Texas, USA

Is it nice in Nice? This particular question can be answered with a resounding YES!! With sunny skies and gorgeous ocean views, it's no wonder that this particular stretch of French coastline has become one of the top five vacation spots for the rich and famous.

While I personally find the April highs of around 65°F to be a little chilly for beach-going and water sports, don't let that discourage you! The mild temperatures make the weather perfect for most outdoor activities and the seaside city has much more to offer than the mere opportunity to soak up the sunshine.

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Photo Credit: Cours Saleya Vieux Nice, A. Issock, OTC Nice, http://en.nicetourisme.com

The beach, shopping and typical tourist traps aside, Nice has its fair share of unique architectural and cultural gems. Walk, bike or rollerblade your way down La Promenade des Anglais, or climb the steps to the top of Colline du Chateau for exquisite panoramic views of the city, seas and counrtryside. There are also numerous parks throughout the city that are known for their beautiful plants and design, making them seem more like an arboretum than a public park. If you're more interested in "inner beauty", check out the multitude of museums and churches, some of which are just around the corner. See some of the finest displays of Chagall or Matisse, or visit some of the smaller galleries which feature the more local talent.

But more important than these sights, let's talk about the fragrances and tastes of Nice. Featuring traditional Mediterranean flavors, Nice is known for its unique cuisine, labeled "Cuisine Nissarde". This particular label is only awarded to the restaurants serving certain local recipes using raw ingredients making them a necessary stop on any Nice visit.

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Photo Credit: Place Massena Nuit, J. Kelagopian, OTC Nice, http://en.nicetourisme.com

Despite all the fun in and out of the sun, remember not to enjoy the scenery too much and to stop by the conference center from time to time to learn a thing or two. Afterwards? Take a stroll, take a tour, take in some of that incredible food and take away all the niceties that Nice has to offer. ■

ISHLT 2015 Annual Meeting & Scientific Sessions
April 15-18, 2015
The Acropolis
Nice, France

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