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Third Ground Breaking 'Dead Heart' Transplant at St. Vincent's Hospital a Success

Inner West Courier, 25 Nov 2014

Without the groundbreaking new heart transplant technique, in which surgeons at St Vincent's Hospital made a dead heart beat again, Tony Daniele was not expected to live until Christmas.

The Five Dock resident is only the third person in the world to undergo the new heart transplant procedure and he is urging more people to become organ donors. Read full article →


Ryley Mitchell Receives Award from Canadian Transplant Association

Woodstock Sentinel Review, 24 Nov 2014

A Woodstock nine-year-old, who underwent a heart transplant at seven months of age, has won the Canadian Transplant Association's provincial youth award for "an exceptional and sustained commitment to the transplant cause."

Ryley Mitchell, who described receiving the award as "cool," also said she thought "other people should get it, too." Read full article →


Galway Heart Transplant Man Runs Dublin City Marathon

Connacht Tribune, 28 Oct 2014

A Galway man took part in yesterday's Dublin City Marathon to celebrate 15 years since receiving a life saving heart transplant.

Since his transplant at the Mater Hospital Dublin in 1999, Ernesto Antonio has undertaken a multitude of physical challenges on land and in water across Europe and he has also climbed Kilimanjaro.

In 2009 when the Bushypark native participated in the Dublin City Marathon he broke a world time record for a heart transplant recipient. Read full article →


Transplant Success: Boy Under 10 Gets Heart of Girl Under 6

The Japan Times, 25 Nov 2014

OSAKA - Osaka University Hospital says it has successfully transplanted the heart from a girl under the age of 6 into a boy aged under 10.

The girl was declared brain dead on Sunday. Her liver and other organs were harvested for transplantation after her family gave their consent. That paved the way for the first lung transplant between children aged under 15 following a brain-dead declaration, according to the Japan Organ Transplant Network. Read full article →


Family Hears Son's Heartbeat in Another Man's Chest

KARE 11, 25 Nov 2014

ROCHESTER, Minn. - Throughout life, we all wait for something or someone. Tom Meeks spent three years waiting for a heart transplant. Back in April of 2011, the Vietnam Veteran was diagnosed with a rare heart disease called amyloidosis. Doctors said he wouldn't survive without a transplant

But before Meeks, who lives in Washington State, was put on a waiting list for a transplant, he was rejected five times by different hospitals. As he waited and held out hope, his liver was malfunctioning. Read full article →

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