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President's Halftime Report for an Unprecedented Meeting in Nice

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Hermann Reichenspurner, MD, PhD
University Heart Centre Hamburg
Hamburg, Germany

I cannot believe that I am already halfway through my term as president! This must be a sign that I really enjoy this duty, although our server at the University Hospital is close to a collapse, since I receive between 20 and 40 extra international emails on my account per day. Fortunately, phone bills have come down over the past years, otherwise I may have been dismissed already from my hospital due to the high number of international phone calls.

Just a little insight into the President's job: There is a weekly (very pleasant!) conference call with the Executive Director, Amanda Rowe, and a monthly call of the Executive Committee consisting of the President, the President Elect, the Past President, the Secretary-Treasurer, one appointed member from the board (Jeff Teuteberg) and the Executive Director. There is also a lot of interaction on the Board-level with individual correspondence, as well as a two hour telephone-conference meeting in July. For the first time this year, we had our Fall Board-meeting in October, instead of December, as we have had it in the past.. By moving it to October, this gives us more time between now and the annual meeting for the preparation of important projects. The meeting took place in Boston and I would have enjoyed it even more if I had not have been suffering from a terrible cold. Fortunately, Susie Newton took good care of me and provided me with lots of Kleenex.

In addition, there are regular calls with the 2015 Program Chair Andreas Zuckermann, who is doing a fabulous job in preparing for our next annual meeting in Nice, France. We work very closely together and I can promise you a great meeting in April with lots of surprises! Andreas will provide a little more information himself. Don't forget to book your hotels early, since Nice is not waiting for us and will sell out quickly!

We are expecting an excellent Master Academy which has been prepared by the Council of Mechanical Circulatory Support as well as the Education Committee under the great guidance of Chris Wigfield and Ulrich Jorde.

So great talking to all of you, now I have to get back to my computer. Amanda is waiting for quite a few replies ;-). There is still a lot to accomplish within the next months and I wish the day had more than 24 hours! Anyway - I still thoroughly enjoy my time as president of the greatest society and time will continue to fly...

Hermann ■

Disclosure Statement: The author has no conflicts of interest to disclose.

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