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ISHLT President's Report: The First 100 Days in Office

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Hermann Reichenspurner, MD, PhD
ISHLT President
University Heart Center Hamburg
Hamburg, GERMANY

So far, I have really enjoyed my first 100 days in office! Although my email-inbox volume increased by about 200%, I still enjoy reading them. However, I have noticed a marked change in the job since Cape Town in the late 80's, when I watched my former chief, Bruno Reichart, become President of the ISHLT. At that time, there were no emails, only some occasional phone calls or letters. Now, I receive emails at 2 a.m. in the morning and another three hours later wondering why I have not responded yet. Ideally, an ISHLT president should work simultaneously at all different time zones. I am sure that Allan Glanville can report on this as well, from his time in office, working from Sydney, Australia last year.

The two highlights of my first 100 days were, first, the signature of the Memorandum of Understanding between IMACS, an ISHLT-owned international registry and EUROMACS, a European-based registry, which was founded several years ago by Roland Hetzer and Reinhardt Koerfer. In the future, the data entered into the EUROMACS registry will automatically be transferred to the IMACS registry as well. For centers preferring to interact directly with IMACS, this will also be possible, although we would recommend that all European centers go to EUROMACS first.

links imageThe second highlight certainly was the site visit for next year's annual meeting site in Nice, France. First, Nice is one of the most attractive and spectacular cities in Europe, located beautifully at the Côte d'Azur of the Mediterranean. Particularly, the old part of the city is very beautiful and, of course, the beaches are spectacular. Weather in April is usually mild, but this doesn`t matter, since everybody will go to the annual meeting anyway. The Acropolis Congress Center is one of the best congress centers to ever host our meeting, with an extraordinary exhibit hall allowing for many great parallel sessions. Since the meeting is pretty much concentrated in one location, there will be lots of opportunity to interact with other members and colleagues. Currently we are planning the annual gala reception and, although I cannot say too much at that moment, rest assured it will be spectacular.

Therefore, I would like to encourage all members to plan the trip to Nice next year in April and to book your hotel accommodations early. Information on hotel reservations will follow soon.

I have planned quite a few more strategic developments while I am in office and will report on the progress regularly.

Once again, I am very happy to serve as your President and I am happy to receive even more emails from our members.

Have a great summer! ■

Disclosure Statement: the author has no conflicts of interest to report.

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