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NHSAH COUNCIL - 2014 Annual Meeting

Masina Scavuzzo. RN BScN CCTC
NHSAH Council Chair

It is hard to believe that a year has gone by since we were in Montreal for the 33rd annual meeting. The NHSAH council has worked hard on developing and refining the Core Curriculum as well as putting on our first Academy, which will be held on Wednesday April 9th, 2014. In order to present our first Academy in 2014 we had to develop and refine our Core Curriculum to meet ISHLT requirements. Then the Core Curriculum was reviewed by the ISHLT Education Council for approval to proceed. A quick turn-around was required by our council to meet the deadline for the preliminary program. We are pleased to announce the first NHSAH Academy as a result of all the hard work and time that was provided by our council leaders. We hope to see everyone at the academy and the annual meeting.

We completed the Heart Transplant teaching slides at last year's meeting and have been waiting on final approval from the Education Committee to proceed with branding of the slides to make them available to our ISHLT members to use when educating our heart transplant candidates, families and nurses. The next step is to develop the teaching slide sets for Lung Transplantation and Mechanical Circulatory Support. Our goal will be to have them developed and sent to the Education Committee by the 2015 annual meeting. Stay posted for these educational tools.

Our program planning committee, Samantha Anthony and Kevin Carney, have done an outstanding job at representing our council and collaborating with other council's to bring us 2 sunrise symposia, 2 full symposia and 1 plenary session for the meeting. We encourage and need the support of our council members to develop and submitting proposals for the 2015 annual meeting. I encourage members to think of topics while you attend the annual meeting in San Diego. There will be a number of stimulating presentations which may provide a basis for future symposia. Jot them down! Symposia proposals submissions are only a few months away. So don't delay. The more proposals submitted by our council, the more likely we are to have a greater presence at the ISHLT annual meeting in Nice. During our annual general meeting we hope to provide some guidance and mentoring on how to submit a symposia proposal. I hope to see our members there.

The Online Community discussion group has great potential for our council. We look forward to our members ideas for topics to post that will generate some discussion. Of course, any member can post a comment or question at any time to get some feedback from our colleagues internationally. This is an excellent way to stay connected all year around.

As nurses and coordinators we attend the meeting to obtain continuing education. For years now I have heard from many nursing council members asking that the meeting be approved for ABTC - Category 1 CEPTC's. I am also hearing that transplant centers have limited educational funds and having to make less money go much further. I will continue to work on trying to getting ISHLT to become an ABTC Approved Provider. If all sessions at the annual meeting are being recorded, it would be ideal to be able to provide those sessions to our members that were not able to attend the annual meeting. There are multiple concurrent sessions during the annual meeting that we all find it hard to attend all the sessions that we would like to attend, even attendees would benefit from these Recorded sessions. Currently under a single offering (the annual meeting) we would have to apply for additional single offerings for each online educational session if ISHLT was to provide these Records sessions outside of the annual meeting. As an ABTC Approved Provider we could provide an unlimited number of educational activities throughout the year and not just the annual meeting. If we could provide education sessions throughout the year I believe we can increase our membership to ISHLT and our council on an ongoing basis. If we can increase our membership on an ongoing basis and not intermittent membership when we attend the annual meeting we may be able to get the support from the Board of Directors to provide our council with the funding and support to make this a win - win situation for ISHLT and NHSAH council members. We are currently a minority group within ISHLT and it makes it difficult to get our requests approved if our overall membership is not growing.

A final note to the NHSAH council members, I encourage you to become more involved in one of the taskforces we need members to be involved and to look at providing a more leadership role in the future. Take a moment to visit the NHSAH Council page on the website to see how to become further involved. I look forward to seeing everyone at the NHSAH Academy and 34th Annual meeting in San Diego. Don't forget to attend the NHSAH council annual meeting which is on Thursday April 10th - Grand Hall D at 12:30 - 1:30 PM.

Disclosure Statement: the author has no conflicts of interest to disclose.

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