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Heart Disease: How Music (And Exercise) Can Help

Huffpost Lifestyle, Aug 2013

Listening to your favourite music is beneficial if you suffer from heart disease, a study suggests. Music and exercise training combined produced the most benefit, according to research presented at the European Society of Cardiology Congress 2013 in Amsterdam. A total of 74 patients with cardiac disease were divided into three groups. Patients in two of the groups underwent three weeks of supervised aerobic exercise training at a residential centre. In addition to exercise training, patients in one of the above groups listened to their favourite music for 30 minutes every day. The third group of patients did not exercise and received usual community care and listened to their favourite music for 30 minutes every day.Read full article →

Golden guy Bill feels on top of the world

Manchester Evening News, 25 Aug 2013

A former policeman whose life was saved by a heart transplant has triumphed once again at an international sports event. Bill Noble, 66, won five gold medals and set three new world records at this summer's World Transplant Games in Durban, South Africa. The event is held every two years at a different country and brings together competitors from around the world who have been given a second chance by organ donors. Read full article →


Save 7 lives

health24.com, 22 Aug 2013

Every year fewer transplants are performed in South Africa - while the demand for organs is getting bigger every day. According to the Organ Donor Foundation there are currently 4,300 South African children, teens and adults on the waiting list for lifesaving organ transplants. In 2012, a total of 573 organ and tissue transplants took place in South Africa. Read full article →



AP, 27 Aug 2013

A Pennsylvania girl whose need for new lungs sparked a national debate on how transplant recipients are prioritized returned home to her family Tuesday after six months in the hospital. Sarah Murnaghan, who turned 11 this month, left The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and was carried into her family's Newtown Square home, which was festooned with balloons and signs that welcomed her home and thanked the donors whose lungs she received after her parents sued to change national transplant policy. Read full article →

Erik Compton, PGA golfer who has received two heart transplants, spreads the word on organ donation

New Jersey nj.com, 20 Aug 2013

In March, his career arc was a glorious sweep with no end in sight—fourth place at the Honda Classic, 16th place at the Arnold Palmer Invitational, another top-25 in Puerto Rico. The big money was coming in, his rankings were climbing, and suddenly Erik Compton was more than just an athletic anomaly. He was literally constructing a path from anomaly to miracle. "And then," he recalled Monday, "I caught a cold." Read full article →

Meet a Man with 'Three Big Hearts'

The Moderate Voice, 26 Aug 2013

Many heart transplant patients feel stressed and overwhelmed both before and after the heart transplant and need emotional support. There are several organizations and support groups that do exactly that. They support heart transplant candidates, recipients and their families emotionally, morally, "educationally" and financially. Wouldn't it be perfect if the persons leading such organizations had experienced the travails and the blessings of a heart transplant themselves? How about two heart transplants? Or two heart transplants and a kidney transplant! Richard (Dick) Harbourt, Chairman of the "Second Chance Heart Transplant Support Group" ("Second Chance" for short) is just such a person. Read full article →


Ads Ask Brazilian Soccer Fans to Show Their Guts ... and Donate Them, Too

ABC News, 19 Aug 2013

Getting folks to become organ donors can be a hard job sometimes. Some people aren't comfortable contemplating their own deaths, much less having vital parts scissored out of their bodies and given over to strangers after entering the big sleep. But an ad campaign in Brazil is giving people a bizarre incentive to help out: It is asking thousands of soccer fans to become donors so that when they die, their organs can continue to "vibrate" with the exploits of their team. Read full article →


Organ transplant 'is now in crisis' here

Donegal Democrat, Aug 2013

On the 21st anniversary of his pioneering lung transplant, Brendan McLaughlin says the current system for organ donations and transplants is not working. The views of Ireland's longest surviving lung transplant patient would seem to be especially timely. Yesterday, the Sunday Business Post reported that the Seanad will be recalled from its summer recess tomorrow specifically to discuss the issue of organ donations. Read full article →

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