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Such bravery in adversity

TheStar.com, 18 Sept 2013

When I first met Tianna Formosa, she could have been mistaken for any normal 16-year-old, trying to get on with life. Except there was one major obstacle in her way, a hurdle that is virtually impossible for any of us to imagine. She was on hold for a life-saving transplant operation. I had arrived that day in 2011 to take pictures at a photo shoot organised by Transplant Australia, the aim being to document the journey and emotions that go hand in hand with waiting for that all-important call. I remember being taken aback by the overwhelming restrictions under which Tianna had to live her life. Her fate was out of her hands. Read full article →


Toronto General Hospital gets new head of transplant program

TheStar.com, 18 Sept 2013

When the SARS outbreak hit Toronto in 2002, organ transplant doctors at Toronto General Hospital had to decide whether to cancel or carry on with the life-saving procedures. They decided to continue, largely due to the presence of Dr. Atul Humar, an infectious disease specialist, then with the program. "Atul played a pivotal role in making sure it was safe," says Dr. Gary Levy, the liver specialist who developed TGH's multi-organ transplant program and, until this month, led it. "He became recognized as a world's expert. That propelled him into leading infectious disease groups and establishing rules on how to deal with highly infected patients." Read full article →


Costa Rica on alert for organ trafficking

Latina Lista, 5 Sept 2013

What started with an email turned into the dismantling of an international organ-trafficking ring. American surgeon Francis L. Delmonico, the chairman of the World Transplant Society, emailed Jorge Cortés, the director of Hospital Clínica Bíblica—one of the three private centers authorized to perform transplants in San José—in November 2012 that an Israeli had undergone an illegal kidney transplant in Costa Rica. Delmonico became suspicious when the Israeli who received the transplant became sick. Seven months later on June 18, Francisco Mora, the head of the Nephrology Unit at Hospital Calderón Guardia at the time and who performed the transplant, as well as an unidentified 32-year-old woman who allegedly was in charge of finding donors, were arrested. Read full article →


My double lung transplant and the stranger who gave me my life back

The Independent, 24 Sept 2013

After a lifetime of coping with cystic fibrosis, in August last year it looked as though my life was over. I was in Harefield Hospital, awaiting a donated pair of lungs to replace my diseased ones. I had become used to constant infections and constant treatments and a life interrupted by long stays in hospital. But now I was barely conscious as my condition declined and a machine took over the job of oxygenating my blood. Then the machine was no longer sufficient and my family had to face it: I had only hours to live. That I am here to tell this story is down to a stranger I never knew and will never meet. Read full article →


Video: Widow of slain N.J. cop meets husband's heart transplant recipient for first time

nj.com, 9 Sept 2013

When Jersey City police officer Marc DiNardo was gunned down in the line of duty in July 2009, his wife decided to donate his organs. Last week, the mother of three finally got the chance to meet the man whose life was saved by her husband's heart. In a report on the CBS Evening News, Mary DiNardo was introduced to 70-year-old Don Zolkiwsky, who received the transplant after a virus destroyed his own heart. The two met for the first time at NJ Sharing Network's headquarters in New Providence. Read full article →

Life and death decisions about who gets organs

Post-Gazette.com, 17 Sept 2013

A story out of Newtown Square, Pa., is known to many millions of people: Sarah Murnaghan, now 11 years old, received two lung transplants in June after highly emotional attention in news and social media and a public debate over the merits of transplant allocation policy. Sarah has end-stage cystic fibrosis, and a judge ordered her added as an equal to the adult and adolescent lung transplant lists when she was originally at the bottom of those lists because she was too young. Read full article →

Pulmonary fibrosis: Lung disease kills as many as breast cancer | Federal Way woman starts support group

Federal Way Mirror, 17 Sept 2013

In the mid-1990s, Carole Reaney suffered from bronchitis and a constant cough in the wintertime. Medications and breathing treatments couldn't cure the ailment. The dry hacking cough was so commonplace that it became a family joke. If the kids needed to find Reaney in the store, for example, they would "listen for mom's cough." "It just wasn't getting any better," said Reaney, 69, a Federal Way resident. She eventually underwent a lung biopsy. In August 2011, Reaney was diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis. She was given three years to live. Read full article →

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