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Surf's Up: The World's Top 10 Cardiothoracic Transplant Programs

Compiled by Daniel Chambers and Tereza Martinu
(with a committee of some equally unbiased fellow-adjudicators ...
yes they are all from Queensland ...)

Many key performance indicators can be used to rate the success of individual programs: survival, transplant numbers, donor utilisation, research output, etc. But one potentially important criterion has been completely neglected in the literature (and notably by Marshall and Josef in the ISHLT Registry): the quality of the local surf-break. We decided to rectify this oversight.

10. Toronto
Toronto: Here's our little secret.
World reaction: Wow ... is there anything you guys can't do?
Reference: http://torontoobserver.ca

9. Melbourne
Melbourne: Low budget is better than no budget!
World: Why did this get up to number 9?
Reference: http://api.ning.com

8. Stanford (Huh???)
Stanford: Ice is overrated.
World: Where's the water?
Stanford: 15 miles west, bring your wetsuit!
Reference: http://math.stanford.edu

7. Chicago
Chicago: The surf is up! And when the ice moves in, we surf with hockey sticks and win Stanley Cups. Chicago has it all ....
World: We'd rather go skating.
Reference: http://blog.thirdcoastsurfshop.com

6. Sydney
Sydney: We were deliberating about keeping this a secret but decided to show a picture of the Sydney local break ... so it is just a matter of rolling out of bed, as you will see. BTW: shark attacks are a rare event!
World: Sydney's not that bad after all ....
Reference: http://imgflip.com/i/3qxwv

5. Newcastle upon Tyne
Newcastle: It has all been too predictable so far—California, Gold Coast and Hawaii. If you want hardcore then you need to come to the North East of England to Longstands Beach in Tynemouth! Just 4 miles from The Institute of Transplantation, Freeman Hospital, Newcastle. But remember to bring a thick wetsuit!!
World: Hoax! It's a hoax. Been there, never seen a surf like that there. It's a hoax!
Newcastle: No hoax! Look at the evidence.
World: Is that a wave or did someone make a ripple in the water?
Reference: http://www.thejournal.co.uk/news

4. North Carolina
Duke and UNC: It may not be the best known surf in the world, but where else do you have big wave surfing and windsurfing within 500 feet of each other (e.g. Hatteras Island)? Where else can you surf with wild ponies (see picture of surf at Nags Head)? And where else can you surf inside a hurricane (see picture of Hurricane Earl)? We are truly unique!
World: Horses and hurricanes? Is this Alice in Wonderland or North Carolina?
Reference to wild ponies: http://activerain.com/blogsview
Reference to Hurricane Earl: http://www.outsideonline.com/blog

3. Brisbane
Brisbane: Check out the top 6 surfing spots near Brisbane:
World: We see a "breakout session" at ISHLT 2014 in the future.

2. San Francisco - Mavericks - Epic!
San Francisco: Told you we should have planned to have the ISHLT meeting in San Fran!
World: Let's do that in 2016?
Reference: http://vimeo.com/58345611

1. San Diego - the biggest wave of them all!
San Diego: No comment. The picture says it all.
World: Can't wait!
Reference to surfing San Diego photo: http://www.flytweed.com/travel-destinations/blog

See you in California!

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