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ISHLT 2014 in Sunsational San Diego!

Featuring overviews of the 34th Annual Meeting and ISHLT Academies, and including highlights from:

•  Basic Science and Translational Research
•  Heart Failure and Transplant Medicine

The ISHLT is very excited to return to the beautiful, sunny city of San Diego in April 2014 for the ISHLT 34th Annual Meeting & Scientific Sessions to be held at the Manchester Grand Hyatt hotel. A wealth of information about the meeting can be found on the Annual Meeting website, including Abstract Submission, Registration & Housing information, the Daily Timetable, the Preliminary Scientific Program, the Schedule At-A-Glance, and much more. Please note that the Annual Meeting begins on Thursday, April 10, one day later than usual, and concludes at mid-day on Sunday, April 13.

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Prior to the Annual Meeting, the ISHLT will be conducting five Academies. The first two will be held simultaneously on Monday and Tuesday, April 7-8, at the Loews San Diego Bay Resort in Coronado, California:

  1. ISHLT Academy: Core Competencies in Mechanical Circulatory Support
  2. ISHLT Academy: Masters Course in Mechanical Circulatory Support

Then, on Wednesday, April 9, the ISHLT will host three additional Academies simultaneously at the Manchester Grand Hyatt Hotel in San Diego:

  1. ISHLT Academy: Core Competencies in Basic and Translational Science
  2. ISHLT Academy: Core Competencies in Heart Failure and Cardiac Transplant Medicine
  3. ISHLT Academy: Core Competencies in Nursing, Health Science, and Allied Health

Detailed information about each academy is available on the ISHLT Academy website, including course descriptions, registration and hotel information, and scientific programs.

Since this month's newsletter focuses on Basic Science and Translational Research as well as Heart Failure and Transplant Medicine, below are highlights of the upcoming meetings related to these disciplines.


Basic Science and Translational Research will be showcased like never before at ISHLT 2014. The ISHLT Academy: Core Competencies in Basic Science will be held on Wednesday, providing an opportunity for delegates to gain or refresh knowledge in the fundamentals of basic science. The course will fill gaps in practice by assisting clinicians in improving their understanding of the scientific background behind clinical practice, updating basic and translational researchers on recent discoveries, encouraging interaction between basic/translational researchers and clinicians and stimulating discussion of common basic topics in the fields of heart versus lung failure and transplantation. This first ISHLT BSTR Academy will focus on basic concepts in immunology and molecular biology related to heart and lung transplantation.links image

At the Annual Meeting beginning on Thursday, Pre-Meeting Symposium 5: Lung Transplantation: Decoding Early Engraftment Events That Control Survival will present new insights into ischemia reperfusion injury, T cell activation, and humoral immunity that impact the maintenance of allograft tolerance as well as long-term survival, using a clinical case to guide the presentations. The goal of these presentations is to educate the wider transplant community of potential new therapeutic targets and translational opportunities for the development of novel immunosuppression approaches for lung transplant recipients.

BSTR will really take to the sky in Pre-Meeting Symposium 11: Crossing Clinical Barriers on the Wings of Science: Evolution of ABO Incompatible Heart Transplantation. This multiple-purpose symposium is intended to show how scientific concepts are developed for clinical application. It will show the history of ABO incompatible heart transplantation, but from the point of view of the designer of therapy. The session will delineate some of the technical details in the path of a very significant advance in transplantation from idea to clinical reality. In so doing, we hope that this session will be both informative, and inspirational, stimulating the thought processes necessary to take other burgeoning ideas from bench to bedside by giving a better understanding of the processes involved in translating science to our patients.

Pre-Meeting Symposium 24: Lung Transplant Immunology 201-Plus: Recent Advances will provide an update on recent basic immunology discoveries in the field of lung transplantation. It is a more advanced level than what is covered in the Transplant Immunology session offered in the BSTR Academy, and is directed to a basic science audience.

For our early risers, Sunday morning's Sunrise Symposium 13: Lab Methods 101: What Everyone Needs to Know to Read Transplant Papers, is a primer for budding researchers and will shed light where currently there is only darkness.

Finally, in Sunday's Closing Plenary Session, Dr. West will discuss how one might trade the ABO and HLA sensitization hands one is often dealt to improve long-term outcomes.


The ISHLT Academy: Core Competencies in Heart Failure and Cardiac Transplant Medicine, which will be held on Wednesday, April 9 at the Manchester Grand Hyatt, is designed to be of benefit for clinicians and allied professionals who are in the early stages of their careers or who are in training, are part of a new program or desire an update on the current state of the field. links imageThe information presented is intended to provide a strong foundation of the overarching principles of heart failure and transplant medicine, rather than as a detailed update for those who are already proficient in the field.

The ISHLT 2014 Annual Meeting will offer new insights into some of the most intriguing and provocative areas of Heart Failure and Transplant Medicine and Heart Transplantation. There are three Pre-Meeting Symposia, two Sunrise Symposia and a Concurrent Symposium, all of which are guaranteed to keep your interest so that you don't wander to the beach or to Petco Park to watch the Padres play baseball. We believe that you will be enthralled by these programs.

Three Pre-Meeting Symposia on Thursday will highlight areas of emerging technologic advances and of controversies. Pre-Meeting Symposium 3: Ex-Vivo Donor Heart Support: Expanding Availability and Optimising Function will explore the use of ex-vivo support of donor hearts to expand organ availability and to recondition and optimize donor heart function. Topics to be discussed include the following: Establishing a new ex-vivo organ support service; Strategies for evaluating organ function; Potential for pre-transplant and ex-vivo treatment of donor hearts; Reconditioning of extended-criteria organs; Role in facilitating the use of hearts from NHBD for clinical transplantation; Economic evidence supporting ex-vivo donor organ management. This symposium will provide a much needed educational update, to multi-disciplinary participants, on a topic in organ transplantation that is evolving very rapidly and will provide the necessary baseline appreciation and acceptance of this technology.

Heart transplantation and Mechanical Circulatory Support are therapies that result in improvement in survival and quality of life in patients with end-stage heart disease. Heart transplantation has a long track-record with current estimated survival of about 60% at 10 years. Mechanical circulatory support, on the other hand, is a relatively young field, but current survival with second generation devices is approaching 80% at two years, similar to transplantation in some instances. links imageAs the technology improves, the expected survival with mechanical support should continue to increase and maybe even equate that of transplantation. Pre-Meeting Symposium 12: To VAD or to Transplant? will compare transplantation to mechanical support in regards to survival, quality of life and morbidity.

Finally, the goal of Pre-Meeting Symposium 21: The "Sexiest" Controversies in End Stage Heart Failure and Heart Transplantation is to discuss important and controversial issues in Heart Failure and Transplantation in a way that will keep people awake, alert, attentive and perhaps amused.

Endothelial function is increasingly recognized as a general barometer of health. There is extensive data that endothelial function is impaired in patients with heart failure. and it may be a marker of development of allograft vasculopathy in transplanted patients. A better understanding of the pathophysiology of endothelial dysfunction in heart failure, VAD and transplanted patients, the methods of endothelial dysfunction assessment, and its relation to outcome following VAD and transplant is crucial for specialists caring for patients undergoing advanced heart failure management. It is also critical for scientists working in the field of vascular physiology and outcomes research to understand the interaction between the different modalities and endothelial function in order to further enhance research in this arena. In Friday morning's Sunrise Symposium 3: Endothelial Dysfunction in Advanced Heart Failure, Mechanical Circulatory Support, and Transplant: It's a Pipe and Pump Issue, the first discussions will provide a general overview of the pathophysiology of endothelial dysfunction. The subsequent talks will provide in depth analyses of the development, treatment, and morbidity of endothelial dysfunction development, treatment, and morbidity in patients with heart failure, transplant, and MCS.

Saturday's Sunrise Symposium 8: Exercise Training in Heart Transplantation will examine the role of structured exercise training in the post heart transplant population, including physiology and potential benefits, with a view toward providing transplant physicians with new information on the impact of exercise training on outcomes.

Finally, Saturday's Concurrent Symposium 29: Approach to the Highly Sensitized Patient Awaiting Heart Transplantation is designed to provide attendees with practical information and strategies to manage sensitized patients awaiting heart transplantation. Recent research publications and program experience will inform this session.

With this line-up of Symposia, we know that we will see you in San Diego at the ISHLT Annual Meeting (and not at Pacific Beach or the Nordstrom's near the hotel!).

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