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Nursing, Health Sciences and Allied Health Council Report

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Annemarie Kaan
Council Past Chair

This last year has seen much activity in our council and great anticipation of the possibilities to come. Firstly I would like to thank the wonderful Council Executive - all of whom have worked so hard to move our goals forward. They really have done amazing things!

At the Prague meeting last year, we were pioneers for the Society by being the first group to record a number of our sessions/symposia and offer it on-line to those who were unable to attend the meeting. As well, we were able to offer CE credits for the American Board of Transplant Certification to those who attended. The webcast was viewed by 35 participants. We learned a lot through this exercise and hope to be able to do this again on a larger scale in the coming years.

Through our Communications Workforce we were able to spark active and interesting discussions through our "Google Group." Topics ranged from difficult ethical dilemmas to immunosuppressive regimes. We have found it a great way to stay in touch with Council members. If you haven't joined yet, we encourage you to join (instructions at

Another exciting development is the creation of a standardized patient teaching slide template for those of us who provide patient education in groups. The template was developed by our council and is being reviewed by the Pharmacy Council and others and hopefully will be available through the ISHLT website just after the Annual Meeting. This slide set can be modified to local practices and protocols but contains the basic important subjects in an easy-to understand format which our council agrees is important patient information.

Finally, we have commenced work on a core curriculum for heart and lung transplant nurses. This work will be completed once the draft has been reviewed by the membership and relevant stakeholders. Once completed, we will prepare to host an ISHLT Academy, hopefully in the next year.

Our goals for the coming year are to finalize the work that we've outlined above We will apply for and prepare our ISHLT Academy. We hope to increase the availability of web-based interaction and education for our council members recognizing that not all members are in a position to attend the yearly meeting. We aim also to foster formal partnerships with professional groups that share similar goals and interests with a view to sharing our combined skills and expertise. Michael Petty is our representative on the International and Intersociety Coordination Committee (I2C2).

As nursing and allied health professionals have interest in many of the councils and would like to participate actively on these councils we have found that it may be of benefit to appoint selected council members to become active in the other councils and report back to provide improved communication. Also we have appreciated the implementation of quarterly council chair meetings to improve communications between the councils.

Disclosure Statement: the author has no conflicts of interest to disclose.