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Pharmacy & Pharmacology Council: Lessons Learned and a Bright Future

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Michael A Shullo, PharmD
Pharmacy and Pharmacology Council Chair

Two years ago small group of pharmacy practitioners interested in thoracic pharmacotherapy gathered to discuss what we perceived as an unmet need in the ISHLT; a voice and home for those with specific expertise or those interested in all areas of drug therapy. This was the birth of our council. We believed this council could touch each and every discipline represented by ISHLT and, through partnerships, collaborations, research, and sheer will, improve the health of those patients cared for by ourselves and fellow members. To that end under the expert leadership of my predecessors, Drs. Patricia Uber and Christopher Ensor, we organized, gained structure, planned, and collaborated, with great results as evidenced by the our councils successes at this past year's ISHLT meeting.

Now as we evolve, our membership is driven for more. We have learned that being new and a virtually unknown commodity within the society means we are not the first council mentioned when an idea is conceived or a project is initiated. This was appropriate as we were untested and unproven; however, we will improve with time, exposure, and high quality work. Motivated by this knowledge, this year we will continue to move forward, innovate, and be vocal within the society. We will be pushing to increase our scientific presence at the annual meeting, actively seeking out participation in new and ongoing projects, clinical guidelines, and consensus statements. This will be achieved through our exceptional committee representatives/liaisons and a motivated membership.

The next year brings additional new focus items via these representatives/liaisons:

Our council goals for the next year are ambitious, including the completion of ongoing projects and several new initiatives. First, we will complete our Core Competency Statement for Pharmacy and Pharmacology Practitioners in Thoracic Diseases. Second, we will continue forward with existing cross-council collaboration with the Nursing, Health Sciences, and Allied Health Council working on patient education materials for heart and lung transplant recipients. Third, we will develop new cross-council collaborations including working with the Infectious Disease council on the MCS infection management workgroup and the Pulmonary council on the AMR workgroup. Fourth, we will finalize ACPE continuing education for the ISHLT 2014 meeting in San Diego, perhaps removing one possible travel barrier for our membership. Fifth, increase council membership through outreach efforts. And lastly, expand our presence at the ISHLT 2014 meeting by continuing our successful lifecycle series and increasing scientific and educational submissions.

I believe the upcoming year is ripe with opportunities, indeed our future is a bright one....

Disclosure Statement: The author has no conflicts of interest to disclose.