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Nursing, Health Sciences and Allied Health Council Report

Masina Scavuzzo, RN
NHSAH Council Chair

It is hard to believe that almost a month has gone by since the annual meeting in Montreal. I am very privileged to work with a talented group of nurses and social workers as our council executive. All have worked hard to continue to move our council goals forward.

Our annual general council meeting was extremely well attended with 79 members in attendance, standing room only. I believe that this is the best attendance ever. We encourage all of our members to get involved with one of the many workforces. This is a wonderful way to network and to help us grow our council. I encourage that we build membership from the health science and allied health group as well. I am delighted that Samantha Anthony, Social Worker is our Vice Chair. She will bring an added perspective to our council.

The Nursing, Health Sciences and Allied Health Council has a very exciting year ahead. The ISHLT Board of Directors has approved the NHSAH for an Academy at the Annual 34th ISHLT meeting in San Diego, April 2014. We have some work ahead of us to complete and receive approval on our core competencies curriculum for heart and lung transplant nurses. Once completed and approved we will need to put together our 2014 Academy. A preliminary outline has been submitted to the council executive to review. The final step will be to identify the speakers for the Academy and to send in the submission for final approval from the Board of Directors at their next board meeting in July. Given the annual meeting will be in San Diego, we are hopeful that this will attract attendees for the Academy.

We also have created a standardized heart transplant patient teaching slide template for those who provide patient education in groups. The Pharmacy Council has reviewed the template and shortly the revisions will be made and hopefully will be available through the ISHLT website. This slide set can be modified to local practices and protocols but contains the basic important patient information. We will also be developing a lung transplant patient teaching slide template to come out by the next annual meeting.

Our other goals for the upcoming year include continuing to provide CEPTCs via the American Board of Transplant Certification to attendees of the meeting as well as for any web-based interaction recognizing that not all members of our council are in the position to attend the annual meeting. ISHLT has shown their commitment by digitally capturing all the symposia, oral abstract sessions, plenary sessions and the two ISHLT Academies (MCS and Pediatric Heart and Lung Transplant) for a nominal fee and will be available through March 31, 2014. Details are on the ISHLT website at

We would also like to develop liaisons between the NHSAH Council and the other councils. Given that our members tend also to be members of the other councils and are involved in many educational endeavors, we are asking to have our general council meeting at the beginning of the meeting along with the Pharmacy and Junior Faculty to be followed by a joint reception to facilitate networking. Along these same lines we aim to foster formal partnerships with professional groups that share similar goals and interests. This will be developed through the International and Intersociety Coordination Committee (I2C2). Michael Petty is our representative on that workforce.

Lastly, we would like to grow our "Google Group "further and increase the interaction/ comments on the wide variety of topics that have been featured. What a wonderful way to stay in touch with our council members. If not a Google group member, we encourage you to join. The link is posted on our NHSAH council page along with a tutorial of how to navigate the Google Group. ISHLT is working on 'private community software' to replace the use of Google groups and it will be used by all of ISHLT. It will allow us to have a 'connected community' and allow for a more flexible discussion forums and a number of other perks that will facilitate networking and collaboration.

Disclosure Statement: The author has no conflicts of interest to report.