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World-wide MCS Outreach Through I2C2

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Sean Pinney, MD
I2C2 Committee MCS Council Workforce Leader

I am very pleased to represent the MCS council on the International and Inter-Society Coordination Committee (I2C2). As the name implies, this committee's charge is to expand the reach of the ISHLT by taking a leadership role in reacting to important international developments of interest to the ISHLT membership; by fostering the participation and growth of international MCS and thoracic transplant centers within the ISHLT; and by developing formal relationships with other professional societies where mutual benefits may be attained, membership shared, and common goals exist. It is hoped that through the efforts of the I2C2, the ISHLT will become an even stronger advocate for thoracic transplant and MCS professionals and their patients.

In many regards this committee is still in its exploratory phase. As the year unfolds, it will be important to identify international partners who share in our goal of expanding care and improving patient outcomes. To work more efficiently and to reflect cultural and local diversity, the I2C2 has grouped countries into 5 regions. I2C2 members will be distributed to a single region and cooperate closely with regional Ambassadors and the I2C2 executive committee. A similar need exists to identify strategic partners in various societies such as the ESOT, AST and others who share our vision of expanding access and improving patient outcomes. Collectively, these efforts should help to establish external representation for the ISHLT on the international stage and, with the permission of the Board, make the I2C2 a policy-making group where relevant.

Disclosure Statement: The author has no conflicts of interest relevant to this report.