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Laughing Links

We are introducing a new monthly feature of ISHLT Links. While some of the newsletter's features are intended to inform or to network our members (with a bit of entertainment value sometimes too), Laughing Links is meant ONLY to give you a chuckle. We hope that it becomes the part you click on first as a way to lift the haze from your brain after a long day in the operating room or the clinic. Feel free to write in with humorous ideas, links from the media or YouTube, or just a good joke you've heard recently (assuming it is printable). Enjoy!

And so now the humorous part ...

We knew we couldn't stray far from Mark Twain. Thereby we cannot ignore the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor.

You know Laughter is the Best Medicine. There have been 16 winners, it does not discriminate and Richard Pryor was the first recipient, Tina Fey has been the youngest, and Ellen DeGeneres was last year's recipient. And this year's winner is Carol Burnett.

When announced she was the 2013 winner, her one-line retort was:

"It's almost impossible to be funnier than the people in Washington."

— Dan Dilling and Vincent Valentine