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Junior Faculty and Trainee Council: What Lies Ahead

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Christina Migliore, MD
JFTC Communications Liaison

The JFTC was created 6 years ago and included only a handful of members. Our size has increased to over 300 members with a quarter of its members from outside the US. The goal of the Council has always been to tap into the enthusiasm of junior faculty and trainees and make them an integral part of the society.

Although 2012 was one of our most productive years, 2013 promises to be even better! The council is focusing on outreach for 2013-2014. New this year, the JFTC set up a booth to advertise the council, promote the council's role in the ISHLT and attract new members to the society and council.

We have exciting projects for the upcoming year:

  1. New to the meeting this year was a collaborative symposium between the JFTC and senior members of the society entitled "JHLT and JFTC: Year in Review" This session proved to be very popular and had great feedback. We plan to publish this session in the journal this year!
  2. 'International Fellowship Training Database' survey. The aim of the survey is to create an online directory of training opportunities (medical and surgical) for adult and pediatric heart failure, thoracic organ transplantation/mechanical assist devices, and pulmonary hypertension. Once compiled, the information will be available on the ISHLT website and includes informational and contact details. We are trying to improve visibility of these highly specialized training programs to individuals seeking advanced training opportunities. Please join us in making this endeavor a success and boost young trainee and faculty involvement in ISHLT! Programs interested in submitting their training program information should go to
  3. JFTC members will be writing brief biographical summaries of our field's pioneers and marvels-stay tuned for this addition to an upcoming Links.
  4. The July and December issues of the Links will feature the council. If you have anything you would like to submit, please feel free to contact me at

The council has started 2013 under our new leadership:

Chair: Jennifer Cowger
Vice Chair: Manreet Kanwar
Secretary: Eugene C. DePasquale
Past Chair: Pali Shah
Program Committee (2014); Esme Dijke
Development: Arezu Aliabadi
Education: Matt Morrell
I2C2: Reema Hasan
Registries and Databases: Keyur Shah
Standards and Guidelines: Steven Kindel
Board of Directors Liaison: David O. Taylor
BSTR Council Liaisons: Zsuzsanna Hollander and Esme Dijke
Communications Liaison: Christina Migliore
ID Council Liaison: Me-Linh Luong

The council would love to thank our outgoing leader Pail Shah for her tireless efforts this year. As the council continues to grow, the mark you have left will not be forgotten.

Finally, we are now calling for symposium submissions for 2014! If you have ideas for 2014 symposia that you would like to develop with the JFTC or co- develop with another council, please contact our new fearless leader Jennifer Cowger at

Disclosure Statement: The author has no conflicts of interest to disclose.