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Infectious Diseases Council Report

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Fernanda Silveira, MD
ID Council Chair

We had a great meeting in Montreal, filled with high quality scientific content, networking opportunities and the chance to chat with colleagues from around the world. The fungal infections working group had a whole day meeting and the discussion was lively and thought provoking. We had the opportunity to hear the results of the survey on preventive strategies in MCS which was responded to by more than 100 member centers, with at least 70% of them expressing their willingness to participate in future intervention studies. We were kept very awake in early morning learning about the nightmare syndromes in thoracic transplantation. The speakers did an excellent job discussing thrombotic microangiopathy, central nervous systems infections, donor-derived infections, parasites and hemophagocytic syndrome. The CMV session was state-of-the-art and included the latest in prevention, immune monitoring and therapy of resistant viruses. The meeting was closed with a session that addressed infectious risk in donors and recipients as well as related to travel, leisure and outdoor activities post-transplant.

We held online elections for vice-chair after the meeting and I am happy to announce the election of Paolo Grossi, who will serve as vice-chair for the next 2 years, and the final roster of our executive committee:

Chair: Fernanda Silveira
Vice-chair: Paolo Grossi
Past-chair and Board of Directors Liaison: Lara Danziger-Isakov
Program Committee representatives: Stanley Martin and Amparo Sole
Education: Me-Linh Luong
I2C2: Martha Mooney
IMACS Registry: Margaret Hannan
Registries & Databases: Dennis Hadjiliadis
Standards & Guidelines: Stanley Martin and Amparo Sole
Communications/LINKS: Michele Estabrook and Mace Schuurmans
JFTC: Saima Aslam

The immediate weeks following the meeting have been dedicated to assimilating everything new that was presented; to developing a strategic plan for the year ahead; and to creating symposium ideas for next year's meeting.

The year will be busy, with the wrap up of ongoing initiatives and initiation of new projects. The fungal infections working group is expected to generate the first draft of the consensus document in the fall. Shimon Kusne will lead the writing of the manuscript reporting the MCS survey results. Several members of our council, led by Martha Mooney and Michele Estabrook, have been developing our core competencies document, which is close to being finalized. Margaret Hannan will continue to work with the IMACS committee on the final approval of the ID variables for submission to the board. Amparo Sole and Fernanda Silveira have submitted a proposal for a diagnostic guideline in thoracic transplantation to the Standards & Guidelines committee and intend to obtain approval of the format and author's list in order to start the development of content. This proposal incorporates intense participation of members of the JFT council with most chapters being authored in collaboration by a senior and a junior member.

The new initiatives for the year include the creation of a mini-registry of thoracic transplantation and MCS in HIV infected individuals. This initiative will be led by Professor Paolo Grossi and the next steps include the development of a case report form, detection of interested centers and securing center commitment for participation. We are happy to have the enthusiasm of our colleagues in the Pharmacy and MCS councils, who want to join us in this endeavor. In response to the feedback we obtained at the meeting we will also develop a proposal for the establishment of a multidisciplinary MCS prevention strategies working group, with representation from the MCS, Pharmacy and Nursing councils.

As one can see, we are on track to have a very productive year, strengthen old and establish new collaborations. I encourage members interested in participating in these initiatives to contact me or the leaders of each initiative and I hope to see you all in San Diego next April.

Disclosure Statement: The author has no conflicts of interest to disclose.