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ISHLT Members in the News

Jayan Nagendran, MD

Edmonton gets country's first mobile lung-transplant machine (Edmonton Journal, June 26, 2013)

Edmonton has become the country's first home of a revolutionary organ-transplant technology that holds the potential to save a long list of patients needing new lungs. The ex-vivo lung perfusion device, commonly known as "lungs in a box," is a portable unit that gives surgeons a vastly enhanced ability to transport and repair organs outside the body for up to 12 hours before they are transplanted. "We can go to Halifax, we can go to Hawaii now to procure organs," said Dr. Jayan Nagendran, director of research for cardiac surgery at University Hospital and the Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute. Read more ...

Christopher Almond, MD, MPH

High mortality risk with medication nonadherence among teenage heart transplant recipients (Cardiology Today, June 25, 2013)

Nine percent of pediatric and adolescent heart transplant recipients studied in a national review may have experienced compromised health due to medication nonadherence within 2 years after transplant. "It is widely known that nonadherence is a particularly difficult problem among adolescent patients," Christopher S. Almond, MD, MPH, a cardiologist in the Heart Transplant Program at Boston Children's Hospital, said in a press release. "But, prior to this study, the scope and gravity of the problem wasn’t well understood." Read more ...

Andreas Zuckermann, MD

Miracle-op saves 13 year old (Vienna Times, June 20, 2013)

A 13-year-old received a new heart yesterday (Wednesday) after having had an artificial heart for three months following a myocardial heart disease. The girl suffered from pulmonary hypertension, a complication of the heart condition, which meant that an artificial heart had to be used to lower and stabilise the tension enough before doctors could implant the new organ. The surgery by Dr Daniel Zimpfer and his team was most likely a key element in saving the girl's life. Andreas Zuckermann, who supervised the transplant, said: "The artificial heart pumps the blood from the left heart ventricle and brings it to the vessels in the body." Read more ...

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