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ISHLT, Holy Grail, Progress and Mark Twain, Again

by Vincent Valentine


Quotable Quotes

"It is noble to teach oneself, but still nobler to teach others—and less trouble."
Mark Twain


Vincent Valentine

Senior Associate Editors
John Dark
Roger Evans
Allan Glanville
Maryl Johnson
Lori West

Associate Editors
Christian Benden
Emma Birks
Dan Dilling
Stavros Drakos
Stanley Martin
Tereza Martinu

Managing Editor
Susie Newton

International Correspondents Board
Javier Carbone
Takeshi Nakatani
Luciano Potena
Andreas Zuckermann

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A Focus on Nursing, Health Sciences and Allied Health

Many thanks to Annemarie Kaan (NHSAH Council Chair) for coordinating the focus content for this issue.

Vincent's New Sense

From the teacher and on being taught, the NHSAH Council provides numerous educational opportunities in return for an apple. Your editor cannot resist reminding you when an apple fell out of tree and conked Bugs Bunny back to joust a knight from King Arthur's Court in a Knight Mare Hare episode. There is a similar episode without the apple when Bugs jousts Sir Pants-a-Lot of Drop Seat Manor in the Knights Must Fall episode whose ideas are borrowed from Mark Twain's fantastic work on A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court.

Anyway, from Twain to MyLVAD we have a World Revolution and a Bright Study to keep us out of the dark. In our Featured Links Lecture, Nancy Blumenthal provides us a better means to enhance the evaluation, education and preparation of lung transplant candidates. This is an area with much needed progress to optimize outcomes for all in a fair and equitable manner. The NHSAH promises to simplify the education of our patients with a slide series in the classroom in the near future. This issue is replete to educate our patients with links to many resources.

Of Special Interest are the highlights from the AHA Scientific Sessions held in Los Angeles in November 2012 brilliantly orchestrated by Maryl Johnson.

It is hoped that this issue sparks renewed interest in education for our patients and ourselves with an unbiased quest to do the right thing for this New Year and the years to come. Otherwise, we could reduce it all down to a nuisance or simply a renewed sense.

Happy New Year

Vincent Valentine, MD
Links Editor

2013 - An Apple for the Teacher:
NHSAH Council Activities

links imageMany members of the Nursing, Health Sciences and Allied Health Council spend a lot of the day teaching: teaching each other, teaching colleagues and teaching our patients and their caregivers. We do it in the hospital, in the clinic, in the community and even in cyberspace. This month, we'd like to share a few initiatives with you.

Patient Education Resources

There are some websites of professional organizations that have great material available for teaching our patients and providing them with tools to cope out there in the big wide world.

Of Special Interest


In the December 2012 Issue of the ISHLT Links Newsletter, we published an interview with Dr Alessandro Nanni Costa, current director of the Italian Transplant Organization and president of the European Committee on Organ Transplantation.

Due to an inaccuracy of the transcript translation, the interview reports the statement "Scandiatransplant [...] mainly re-allocates not used organs", in the context of a sentence summarizing the activities of the various European Organ procurement agencies. We wish to apologize with readers and with colleagues working with Scandiatransplant because this statement is incorrect and could be misleading of the important work Scandiatransplant does for organ procurement and allocation in Northern Europe.

Scandiatransplant is the organ exchange organization for the Nordic countries Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. It covers a population of about 25 million inhabitants. It is owned by the ten hospitals performing organ transplantation in these countries. All Nordic patients waiting for an organ transplantation are listed on one common list for each organ. Scandiatransplant ensures that all necessary data are available for the transplant professionals to allocate the organs according to rules adapted by the association and it monitors compliance with these rules. Most organs are used by the transplant centers harvesting the organs, and about 15 - 25% (depending on which organ) are distributed to other centers according to common Scandiatransplant rules.