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Nursing, Health Sciences and Allied Health
Symposia Session Highlights

2013 NHSAH Program Committee Representatives
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The Program for the 2013 Annual Meeting includes a diverse series of plenary sessions and symposia that are sure to excite NHSAH professionals. NHSAH research will be highlighted throughout the Program with an emphasis on new evidence, innovative interventions and remaining controversies.

The plenary lecture, The Mind Matters, will present the results of a systematic review on psychological distress in transplant recipients, including evidence for impact on key areas of morbidity. The symposium, Motivational Interviewing (MI): An Intervention Aimed at Change, will introduce the concept of MI as a potential treatment to address the issue of non-adherence within the field of transplantation.

Other jointly sponsored symposia include Psychosocial Issues in Pediatric Cardiothoracic Transplant (Peds), Beyond Survival: Evaluating Lung Transplant Success through Patient-Oriented Outcomes (NHSAH/JFTC/Pulm) and Avatars and Advanced Care Planning (NHSAH/MCS).

Together these presentations will provide guidelines to improve patient care and include recommendations for intervention research to further enhance the health and overall well-being of transplant patients and their caregivers.

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