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dawn christensen

Innovative Program Solutions, LLC
Pine Grove, Pennsylvania, USA

mylvad logoMyLVAD ( has quickly become the leading source of unbiased information about LVADs. Our mission is to "be the leading source of everything LVAD," states Steven Boyce, MD, founder of MyLVAD. Since the website was launched in September of 2011, has welcomed over 1300 registered members, including over 450 LVAD recipients and caregivers, over 200 medical professionals, and over 260 VAD coordinators. The website received over 5600 visits during the month of November 2013 and is already ranked 4th on Google search for the term LVAD. We have members from all of the continents around the world except Antarctica with a total 43,000 visits to the site in the first year spanning across 105 countries.

Because the January Links is all about identifying available educational resources, we wanted to give you a quick video tour highlighting what is available on Visit often to find an increasing variety of relevant resources for your LVAD program, staff, patients and caregivers. Whether you are new to the site or have visited us in the past, we want to welcome you to our world, the MyLVAD world.

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Disclosure Statement: Ms. Christensen is a writer for MyLVAD and receives consulting fees through her firm from HeartWare, Inc, Orthodynamics, Inc. and Sunshine Heart, Inc.