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International Transplant Nurses Society

annemarie kaan

NHSAH Council Chair
St. Paul's Hospital
Vancouver, British Columbia, CANADA

The International Transplant Nurses' Society (ITNS) website ( is a great resource for transplant nurses and allied health professionals who are involved in teaching their heart or lung transplant recipients.

They have a specific patient education page ( which contains a wealth of materials that have been endorsed by that association. As we know, many of our ISHLT nursing members are also members of ITNS and so are familiar with this site.

They have a seven CD audio set of transplant teaching ranging from diabetes to skin cancer after transplantation. A range of booklets or information sheets available to people in multiple languages and also sheets of stickers with pictures of commonly used medications for use in patient medication lists.

Some of these items are free and some need to be ordered on line for a small fee.

Not only does the ITNS have great patient resources, but there is also a wealth of information outlining educational and research opportunities for members. Here's hoping that somehow we can work towards collaborating more with our ITNS colleagues over the coming year.

Disclosure Statement: The author has no conflicts of interest to disclose. Disclaimer: The author has been a member of the ITNS for almost 20 years.