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The BRIGHT Study

Principle investigator:

University of Basel
Basel, Switzerland


KU Leuven
Leuven, Belgium

University of Missouri-Kansas City
Kansas City, Missouri, USA

Project manager:

University of Basel
Basel, Switzerland

The Building Research Initiative Group: Chronic Illness Management and Adherence in Transplantation (BRIGHT) study is an international, multi-center, cross-sectional study with following aims:

  1. To assess the prevalence and variability of heart transplant patients' adherence to medication taking, smoking cessation, following a diet, limiting alcohol consumption, being physically active, using sun protection, and attending medical appointments across countries/healthcare systems
  2. To determine which patient, healthcare provider-, healthcare organization-, and healthcare policy level factors are related to immunosuppressive medication non-adherence
  3. To determine whether the Integrated Model of Behavioral Prediction has explanatory value as a conceptual framework describing determinants of non-adherence at the patient level
  4. To benchmark participating centers, countries, continents in related to adherence with immunosuppressive medication and system level factor variables identified as significantly associated with immunosuppressive medication adherence.

The BRIGHT study will assess data from 46 heart transplant centers in 11 countries (Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, the UK, and the US), and across four continents. Heart transplant recipients, clinicians working at the post-transplant outpatient heart transplant program, and the medical director of the heart transplant program are being surveyed.

Currently, the BRIGHT study is in the rolling-out/data collection phase in all European centers. One European center has completed data collection, while in 12 other European centers, data collection is still ongoing. Other European centers are still awaiting ethical committee approval. One center in Australia has started data collection. In North-America, seven centers have submitted the study to their ethical committees and are waiting for approval. The other North-American centers are in the process of submitting the study to their ethical committees. The Brazilian centers have also submitted the study to their ethical committee and are awaiting approval.

If you wish to have more information about the BRIGHT Study, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Members of the BRIGHT Team at the 2012 ISHLT Annual Meeting in Prague, Czech Republic

Disclosure Statements:

Sabina De Geest, Cindy Russell and Lut Berben: The BRIGHT study is partly funded through a unrestricted research grant of Astellas Europe.
Fabienne Dobbels has no conflicts of interest to disclose.