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A Focus on Pulmonary Transplantation

Many thanks to Tereza Martinu (Pulm Tx Council Communications Liaison) for coordinating the focus content for this issue.

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Knowing The Signs Of A
Heart Attack
Can Save Your Life

Vincent's Valentine's Sense:

With our focus on lungs, have a heart. From the Pulmonary Council Report to Extracorporeal Lung Support, from discussion groups to session highlights and from the Editor's Briefs to Canada and to Canada we must go for those sufferers of lung disease we have reached the age of enlightenment. We are out of the dark ages of lung transplantation and now we look forward to our scientific revolution with ex vivo lungs and scientific investigations to provide us the evidence to do what's best for our patients without bias, without prejudice and without preconceived notions. Also, we are well connected across the globe to clarify the ambiguities that remain and that will be with us for quite a while. Be sure not to miss the wisdom of My Little Black Book.

Vincent Valentine, MD
Links Editor

Focus Articles:

♦  Pulmonary Transplantation Council Report by David Weill

♦  Lung Transplantation in Canada: Only the Beginning by Alim Hirji

♦  Extracorporeal Lung Support (ECLS): A Technology Revolution and Improved Outcomes for Lung Transplant Patients by Marcelo Cypel, Matthew Hartwig, and Shaf Keshavjee

♦  ISHLT Lung Transplant Discussion Group by Remzi Bag and Tereza Martinu

♦  ISHLT 2013 in Montréal: Pulmonary Transplantation Abstract Session Highlights by Stephen Clark, Denis Hadjiliadis, Deborah Levine and Geert Verleden

Of Special Interest:

♦  Problems and Pitfalls of Recruitment: Part III by Roger Evans

♦  Pandemic Influenza Vaccine Responses in Solid Organ Transplant Recipients: Variable Responses by Macé Schuurmans

♦  My Little Black Book by Beth Keith

News & Announcements:

In Memoriam:
Robert Bonser
by Jorge Mascaro and
Ian Wilson

♦  ISHLT Leach-Abramson-Imhoff Links Travel Awards

♦  International Traveling Scholarship Awards

♦  2013 Slate of Nominees to ISHLT Board of Directors

♦  The ISHLT Registry for Mechanically Assisted Circulatory Support (IMACS) has launched!

♦  A summary of the Minutes from the 2012 December ISHLT Board of Directors meeting is posted on the Board of Directors webpage

♦  Remembering our Deceased Members


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