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# 45 - World's First Successful Single Lung Transplant

YouTube, 4 Nov, 2013

Early in the morning of Nov. 7, 1983, a team of Toronto General Hospital surgeons began a surgery that would make medical history. It was an experimental human procedure ... a single lung transplant. The patient was Tom Hall, the 45th patient worldwide to undergo the risky procedure — risky because none of the previous 44 attempts had been successful. This is the story of a world first ... the story of a courageous patient and medical staff, and, how the legacy of their achievement lives on today at UHN's world leading Toronto Lung Transplant Program, led by Dr. Shaf Keshavjee, who is also Surgeon-in-Chief at UHN's Sprott Department of Surgery. Watch video →

Inspiring Lung Transplant Recipient to Host Boot Camp

ChrisD.ca, 31 Oct, 2013

The unofficial face of organ donation in Canada is travelling to Winnipeg next week to inform the community on the importance of donating an organ. You may have seen Helene Campbell on the "Ellen DeGeneres Show." The 21-year-old received a double lung transplant last year and has attracted some high-power endorsements for her outreach efforts, including from Justin Bieber. She's even been a recipient of the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal in recognition of her work. Read full article →

New Legislation allows Albertans to consent to donate their organs when they renew their drivers' licences

EdmontonSun.com, 8 Nov, 2013

New legislation Friday means Albertans can now easily consent to donate their organs upon death when they renew their drivers' licences. They will also be able add their name to an online consent-to-donate registry. When Karen Korchinski was diagnosed with Budd-Chiari syndrome in 2011, her greatest fear wasn't surviving the blood clot lodged in the hepatic vein of her liver—it was surviving the liver transplant waiting list. "To have the cure (a transplant) be inaccessible because there weren't enough organs in our health system just made me frustrated and sad," said the 46-year-old Edmonton mother of two. Read full article →


No Quick Fixes for China's Overwhelmed Organ Transplant System

The New York Times, 10 Nov, 2013

Suffering from bile duct cancer and with no family to support him and little money for treatment, Xu Bao, 35, vowed that if he suffered an early death he would give something back to society. He decided that he would donate his corneas to fellow Chinese waiting for transplants. It was a remarkable gesture in a country where organ donations are rare, and executed prisoners have been the main source of transplant organs. Local news media in Hefei, the city where Mr. Xu was being treated, gathered at his hospital bedside in April to report as he signed documents declaring his intentions. Read full article →


Importance of organ donation hits home at volleyball contest

ChronicleLive.co.uk, 11 Nov, 2013

A battle on the volleyball court was nothing for these players who have had to battle for their lives. Transplant patients descended on Tyneside for a tournament hosted by the Freeman Heart and Lung Transplant Association (FHLTA) and Transplant Sport UK, which aims to highlight the importance of organ donation. Most of those taking part—who had travelled from all corners of the of country—were close to death before they received their transplants but they are all fighting fit today thanks to those who have signed up to the organ register. Gateshead Leisure Centre welcomed teams from Addenbrookes in Cambridge, Wythenshawe Hospital in Manchester, Royal Berkshire Hospital in Reading and Newcastle's Freeman Hospital. Read full article →


Riggs to speak for Red Cross

MtairyNews.com, 3 Nov, 2013

The Cana youth who just a few short months ago was awaiting a heart transplant will become something of a celebrity next month. Samantha Riggs, 10, received a heart transplant in April, and after months awaiting the heart, Riggs will be featured in hundreds of television commercials, her mother said Friday. It all began last December. "It was very sudden," mother Randi Riggs, a nurse, said. "She became short of breath, and I realized her heart was beating really fast so I took her to the emergency room." There doctors discovered that Riggs' heart was enlarged. Read full article →

SDSU receives $8.5M for heart research

Phys.org, 6 Nov, 2013

The National Institutes of Health has awarded a prestigious Program Project Grant totaling more than $8.5 million over five-years to San Diego State University to better understand how the heart heals and ways stem cells can help the heart repair itself. "Regenerative medicine using stem cells has changed the way researchers and clinicians are thinking about and trying to treat heart failure," said Mark Sussman, Ph.D., a distinguished professor of biology at SDSU. Read full article →

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