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What's New in the Pathology Council?

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Dylan Miller, MD
ISHLT Pathology Council Chair
Intermountain Central Lab
Murray, Utah, USA

This has been a productive year for the Pathology Council, with our attention focused primarily on solidifying our work in cardiac AMR over the past few years and expanding efforts to define and understand AMR in lung allografts. Here are a few highlights, forthcoming papers, and symposia from the Pathology Council as 2013 wraps up:

2013 Working Formulation for Cardiac AMR - "Standardization of Nomenclature"

The December issue of JHLT, now available online, features the latest ISHLT Consensus document regarding the pathologic diagnosis of AMR in Cardiac allografts. This document builds on the latest revisions published in 2011. While the primary tenets established in the 2010 consensus conference have not changed, this new paper fills in some of the gaps, clarifies some contradictions, and provides tables and lavish color illustrations addressing salient features in the new working formulation classification scheme in an atlas-like fashion. We hope this will serve as the definitive reference for the ISHLT cardiac AMR working formulation for many years to come.

2014 Annual Meeting Scientific Sessions

Please join us in San Diego at any of these pathology-oriented sessions:

The Many Faces of Chronic Lung Allograft Dysfunction: exploring the clinical, radiologic and pathologic aspects of obstructive and restrictive pulmonary allograft disorders.

Exploring Interactions between Cellular and Humoral Immunity in Cardiac Allograft Rejection: AMR and cellular rejection are not mutually exclusive. When they occur simultaneously, how should the patient be treated? Which is a greater short term and long term threat to the graft? Can one trigger the other? These questions and others will be the focus of this session, incorporating immunologic, histopathologic and clinical aspects of mixed rejection.

Approach to the Highly Sensitized Patient Awaiting Heart Transplantation: examining the diagnostic and therapeutic strategies for presensitized patients. The new 2013 Working Formulation document for Cardiac AMR will feature prominently.

For more details about these and other symposia, visit IN THE SPOTLIGHT: ISHLT 2014 in Sunsational San Diego!

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