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President's Report: 100 Days and Counting

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Allan R. Glanville, MBBS, MD, FRACP
ISHLT President
St Vincent's Hospital

It is a galling and enlightening reality that 100 days have already passed since assuming the role of President of this wonderful Society. So much to do and so little time! Vincent has asked me to provide a few thoughts on these busy days so I trust you will find what follows of interest. There have been three phases:

Recovery and Reflection
The ISHLT Annual Scientific Meeting in Montreal provided the culmination of my year spent as Program Chair and more than fulfilled expectations. Not only were the excellent venue and city itself a delight, the meeting content and activity was of the highest order. Many sessions were standing room only and the palpable excitement of the attendees an ever present reminder of why face to face meetings will always serve our membership in a way that cannot be superseded by other means. Some rest, reflection and internalization of lessons learned are a necessary sequel to such an event but from a personal perspective had to be brief due to the assumption of Presidential duties!

Team Building
Having worked on the Board for the last 4 years, the mechanics of the Society are no longer a mystery and as previously stated the machine room, run so well by our Executive Officers, provides clear direction in matters of protocol and corporate memory. The new Board provides a blend of experience and vitality and I look forward with great enthusiasm to a productive year. A clear balance of sectional interests has been achieved to foster a true international flavor to deliberations on matters of importance. Already a number of key issues have been discussed at the July Board teleconference and await final action including the Society's response to developments in international organ donation policy and practice as well as our relationship with the fledgling International Right Heart Failure Foundation where we will have two representatives on the Nomenclature Committee.

The Way Ahead
So what lies ahead? Planning for the 2014 San Diego Annual Scientific Meeting is well underway and the Program Committee Meeting, under the able chairmanship of Jason Christie, met mid-July in Philadelphia where the Committee crafted a fascinating assortment of hot topics into an educational extravaganza. Wait till you see it! I am sure you will be impressed. Start planning now to submit abstracts and to attend. Remember in 2014 the meeting will run from Thursday thru Sunday and include some extraordinary and exemplary plenary speakers.

In closing, it is my abiding pleasure to serve in this role and I commend to all the manifold benefits of the Society membership augmented by participation keeping us out of the dark and in the spotlight.

Disclosure Statement: The author has no conflicts of interest to disclose.

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