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Letter from Across the Pond

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Prof Paul A Corris
Senior Associate Editor
ISHLT Links Newsletter

July is ending on a high note despite the continued faltering economy. We have enjoyed glorious summer weather and continued international sporting success. Not only was the Lions tour of Australia (Rugby Union) a triumph, the first XI cricket team is trouncing their Australian opponents at the time of writing. Thirdly, Froome C has just won the coveted Tour de France without resorting to foul play (trust me I'm clean). Fourthly we rejoiced at Murray A's triumph at Wimbledon, at least all save those who have been unable to forgive him for his support of anybody but England jibe during an interview as a fresh faced Scottish teenager. Most recently, Hamilton L won the Hungarian F1 Grand Prix and Farah M sprinted clear of the field at the "Remember the Olympic Games" anniversary meet over a distance that he would generally consider too short to run. Capping it all, the new Royal Prince finally arrived to the relief of the world's press, not to mention the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Public opinion suggests a degree of satisfaction within the country not felt for some time.

Alas, there is one area for which turbulent storms continue to gather momentum within the very structure of what we hold most dear. The very fabric of our beloved National Health Service is slowly being unraveled by reorganisation as new commissioning plans unfurl and scandals regarding patient care rock its very foundations to the core. As former Health secretary Alan Johnson said recently "The next stage [of the reorganisation of the NHS] began with I believe Lord Ara Darzi's review, a great clinician, a colorectal surgeon, who came in and led from the bottom up."

Bottom up is the current worry indeed.

Disclosure Statement: The author has no conflicts of interest to report.

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