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Near Misses, Near Hits


Have you encountered a situation or experience—a "near miss" or "near hit"—that yielded lessons on how to better manage patient care in the clinical setting, or conduct research in the lab, or lecture/teach in a classroom, or just how to do your job better? Do you have an experience to share with the ISHLT Links Newsletter readers about an occasion that taught you something significant about ways to improve health care in patients with end stage heart and lung failure? If so, we want to hear about it.

We encourage you to submit a brief (+/- 500 words) summary of your Near Misses, Near Hits to us for possible publication. Each month, the Links Newsletter will publish a collection of similar experiences sent to us by our readers. Sharing with others the benefit of your experience and the lessons you learned can be an invaluable aid to other health care providers.

You can send your summary directly to Susie Newton at Put "Near Misses, Near Hits Submission" in the subject line; add your name and phone number at the bottom of the email.

Your report will be considered for publication in the new Near Misses, Near Hits page, and may be edited for style and length. Anonymity is guaranteed if you wish. No one but our Editor and Managing Editor will be permitted to access the report. Your name and telephone number are requested only so that the managing editor can contact you if necessary.

While we cannot guarantee your submission will be published, we can guarantee that we will closely review and consider using it. All Near Misses, Near Hits submissions become the property of the ISHLT Links Newsletter and may be republished.