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Allan Glanville, MD FRACP
2013 Scientific Program Chair

Tourisme Montreal, Stephan Poulin, Place Jacques-CartierCome to Montréal and discover magic. It's more than alliteration, it's more than Gallic savoir faire, it's more than indigenous culture. It is fusion, the sum of the parts overlaid by the charm of history blended with science and technology rather than subservient to it. So we chose Montréal for the 33rd ISHLT and are exceedingly pleased. Whether the promise is realised depends on you! For it is, as it always has been, the people of this grand Society who make the meeting and make it work.

We all need to be enticed however and Montréal offers much of excitement, even outside the Program! Of course I jest, but the Program is looking good. Your chosen team has been working hard to follow the broad theme of integrating science and practice and thereby expose us all to the origins and outcomes of our particular niche. The main themes have been maintained: device technology and management, the cutting edge of advanced heart and lung disease care including pulmonary hypertension, heart transplantation, and lung transplantation with an emphasis on children, infectious diseases and pharmacology woven throughout. So there is something for everyone!

Palais des congres de MontrealMoreover, the accommodating floor plan of the Palais de Congrès allows an economy of transit between rooms. Meetings will all be on the same level and as far as possible each room will have a major theme from Sunrise Symposia through Scientific Sessions. We are trying to move the mountain! Sessions themselves will display a bed to bedside approach as exemplified in the Closing Plenary.

Next month I will let you know more detail about individual Symposia and Sessions. Many of you will be asked to assist this year. We are changing the poster sessions to moderated sessions to allow better appreciation of the hours of work involved. Also, some abstracts are best presented in this format and some actually prefer the intimacy of one-on-one scientific discussion. Montreal, Biosphere, Environment MuseumSo, we will need a small army of poster mentors comprising senior and junior faculty to provide expert feedback to poster presenters. This is an important task and often the mentors learn more than the casual audience! So please vote to attend and participate. We depend on each other.

Plan early to come to Montréal. We trust the meeting will meet your expectations and more. Send in your best work and remember the value of congress within our Society is not to be undervalued!

Disclosure Statement: the author has no conflicts of interest to disclose.

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© Tourisme Montréal, Stéphan Poulin, Place Jacques-Cartier
© Marc Cramer / Palais des congrès de Montréal
© Tourisme Montréal, Biosphère, Environment Museum