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News from the ID Council:
Our Activity is Spreading!!

Lara Danziger-Isakov, MD, MPH
Infectious Diseases Council Chair

lara danziger-isakovThe ID Council continues to be extremely active and productive. Special thanks for preparation of outstanding content for the 2013 Annual Meeting in Montreal on behalf of the ID Council goes to Erik Verschuuren (University Medical Centre Groningen, Netherlands) and Stan Martin (Ohio State University), program representatives, and to Fernanda Silveira (University of Pittsburgh), Amparo Solé (Univ Hospital la Fe Valencia), and Tina Stosor (Northwestern Memorial Hospital) who coordinated submissions on behalf of the ID Council. Also, thank you to Michele Estabrook (Washington University School of Medicine) and Macé Schuurmans (University Hospital Zurich) and all of the contributors to this month's LINKS.

Watch for these opportunities to "spread" Infectious Diseases:

  • A survey of MCS infection prevention practices will soon hit your in-boxes. Led by member Shimon Kusne (Mayo Clinic, Arizona) this survey will address issues related to prevention of early infection after implantation of MSC devices. Please respond when you receive this email!
  • The first-ever Pre-meeting Symposium on Transplant ID at ICAAC will be co-sponsored by the ISHLT ID Council with Dr. Shahid Husain and myself as invited speakers. Come join us is you are in San Francisco (September 8, 2012) for this exciting program!
  • Drs. Amparo Solé and Fernanda Silveira have created an exciting proposal for a "What to do if" clinical scenario publication that could be distributed to clinicians working in cardiothoracic transplantation. Look for more opportunities as this is reviewed by the Education Committee.

Other ongoing projects "catching" in Infectious Diseases:

  • Dr. Shahid Husain is spearheading the fungal prophylaxis workgroup that will perform an in-depth analysis of literature to help establish consensus on this very important, yet heterogeneous, topic. Read announcement!
  • The ID Council is working with IMACS, the ISHLT-sponsored device registry, to develop infection related variables. Dr. Margaret Hannan (Mater Hospital, Dublin, Ireland) is leading this collaboration. Read article!

Disclosure Statement: The author has no conflicts of interest to disclose.