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Photo credit: © Montréal Botanical Garden, Michel Tremblay, The Great Pumpkin Ball


by Allan Glanville

Highlights of the speakers (the magicians!) and the 2013 Program itself, lovingly crafted by your Program Committee to reflect the diversity and depth of Society members' interests with a strong emphasis on education and developing science, surely will spark your interest in attending the next ISHLT meeting!

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spotlight IN THE

President's Halftime Report

by David Taylor, MD

A review of our game plan and the strategy for the second half to secure a WIN for the ISHLT!

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From the Journal:
New Smart Phone App

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Outta This World

Increasing Organ Donation
Transplant Social Workers
Mother Hears Deceased Son's Heartbeat Again
Autism Transplant Denial Debate

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Happy Halloween!

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Members in the News

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Montréal in 2013
What's new!

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2013 ISHLT Grants & Awards Program
Applications will be online in November

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Spreading Knowledge!

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October, ISHLT, and Tom Sawyer!

by Vincent Valentine

What do precious treasures, witches, switches, ghosts, goblins, spiders, owls, bats, rats and stiff cats—all traditional Halloween folklore—have in common with the legendary Mark Twain? And with the ISHLT?

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Quotable Quotes
On Employment

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Word of the Month


Vincent Valentine

Managing Editor
Susie Newton

See Full Staff Page

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A Focus on our Junior Faculty and Trainees

Many thanks to Christina Migliore (JFTC Communications Liaison) for coordinating the focus content for this issue.



This issue of the Links can be horrifying. What with just starting your career, deciding where do I go from here, contemplating on which article to read, which abstract to write, which beer I should drink, which book to read, which movie to see, and which music to listen to. It comes down to decisions, just another fact in our lives. We all have to decide on something. Which costume will I wear for Halloween and jiminy cricket (what a mentor or conscience), which costumes I should purchase for my pets! Once decided, on your career for instance, who are the imposters and who is for real. Dogged diagnostic dilemmas abound.

For the ISHLT, we are halfway there as our President, David Taylor, keeps us in the game for what's yet to come in Montréal. Our Program Chair, Allan Glanville, provides us with a glittering glimpse of the magic of Montréal. Our Junior Faculty Council guides us on our career path with proper and appropriate mentorship from our own Senior Associate Guiling Editor sage, Roger Evans. Whether we are just starting out, spelunking through tunnels or caves to blind alleys or the light, we need to remain mindful of the many pitfalls, problems, and deadly sins in our quest for success or the gold, goal or treasure. Who knows, there may be another stampede to Stockholm! Regardless, we still must revel in the simple treasures we all once held precious in childhood. Some of these easiest pleasures come from just listening to our mentors and our pupils alike. Well how about just listening to great music, sprinkled in surreptitiously or october links phantom-like for you over the past year by the Links, or by the hidden talents of the legendary Vanderbilt Heart Sounds.

And yet again it is Twain reminding us of the great adventures still with us today in our lives, in the ISHLT, and in this fall season, especially during Halloween.

Vincent Valentine, MD
Links Editor

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  • ♦  The Stampede to Stockholm: Nobel Prize-Winning Achievements in Transplantation Biology
    by Pali Shah

    Pali reflects on the milestones in transplant immunology which have made the evolution of cardiothoracic transplant from an experimental model to a life-saving therapy possible and the ongoing challenges still awaiting us.

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  • ♦  Writing a Successful Abstract
    by James George

    Getting on the program of a clinical/scientific meeting involves convincing a committee of abstract reviewers that your work is of high enough quality and sufficiently interesting to warrant giving it one of a finite number of slots available for presentation. Here's how you can do it.

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  • ♦  Seven Critical Sins
    by Macé Schuurmans

    Instituting a protocol highlighting "seven sins" in the perioperative phase of lung transplantation produced extraordinary results from a heightened awareness regarding the care of these complex patients.

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  • ♦  The Story Behind Oktoberfest
    by Christina Migliore

    Ever wonder how the idea of gathering millions of people together in Munich, Germany, serving them delicious food while downing vast amounts of beer under enormous tents, and enjoying carnival rides and live music became the tradition known as Oktoberfest? Yeah, we wondered that too.

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  • ♦  The World I See Through My Windows
    Part I

    by Nancy Addis

    For the homebound patient, our beautiful world can still be viewed if one has an open mind—and an open window. Nancy discovers the many views of her world through different windows she has learned to open.

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oct links imagePUMP UP THE VOLUME!

oct links imageVanderbilt Heart colleagues release "Walk the Walk" to promote heart health in time for the Nashville Heart Walk on Saturday, Oct 6.

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