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President's Halftime Report

ISHLT President

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The purpose of the halftime break at a sporting event is not simply to allow players to rest. More importantly, the halftime break allows the coaches and players to review the course of the first half to identify correctable areas of weakness and most importantly to plan the strategy for the second half in order to win the game. I'm happy to report that during the first half of my term, ISHLT has performed superbly and is ahead of the game. However, we have identified several correctible areas of weakness.

Obvious areas needing work include the ISHLT's use of social media and the delivery of medical education in the current age of the internet and digital media. We must stay current with technology and human behavior so as not to be left behind-a dinosaur society on the slow path to extinction. Our strategy for the second half of the contest is to continue the game plan that has been working well (the current ISHLT Annual Scientific Session philosophies, policies and procedures, Google chat groups, the ISHLT Website, the Links to name a few) and put more focus on bringing the society up-to-date by transitioning the Google groups to a secure on-line web-based platform within the ISHLT, tweak the delivery of education at the Annual Meeting to include handheld device applications and content delivery post-meeting via the ISHLT website as examples.

Late in the second half of this contest, ISHLT leadership will launch a full-scale offensive assault on these targets with a Strategic Planning meeting bringing in consultant leaders in electronic education delivery, communication and social media to develop the game plans for the next upcoming years-successful team managers not only focus on the next game but importantly constantly build the team for the future. Each of the Councils and Committees has numerous ongoing projects covering a wide variety of topics. Our playbook is extremely diverse yet balanced with a variety of offensive weapons and impressive depth at each position. We are a formidable opponent.

Another 'correctable weakness' may be the actual name of our Society as we develop a broader portfolio. Perhaps it is time to change the name to better reflect our activities. While we are THE thoracic organ transplant society, we are much more than that with huge branches into advanced heart failure particularly mechanical circulatory support, advanced lung failure with mechanical pulmonary support and pulmonary arterial hypertension and the basic science exploration in these fields.

You, the players, will be asked in the very near future to provide your opinions about the next steps to take to move this Society forward. Please take the time to carefully reply to these very important upcoming member surveys.

Now—let's put our equipment back on, get back out on the field and finish the contest we began 6 months ago. "Go Buckeyes"—sorry, I meant to say, "Go ISHLT!!!"

Disclosure Statement: The author has no conflicts of interest to disclose.