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2013 Scientific Program Chair and President-Elect

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Last month we spoke about the attraction of Montréal's fusion culture and the many compelling reasons to attend the 33rd Annual Meeting and Scientific Sessions of the ISHLT. This month we will highlight the speakers (the magicians) and the program itself which has been lovingly crafted by your Program Committee to reflect the diversity and depth of Society members' interests with a strong emphasis on education and developing science which will forge future approaches. october links A Little Halloween Magic

An over-arching theme is the bed to bedside approach to promote in depth discussion between basic scientists and clinicians. Similarly, coherent topic themes have been developed to encourage attendance and participation throughout the meeting by all interested groups. Careful timetabling should ensure that no group will have at one time an empty session and at another time competing loyalties due to concurrent scheduling of their interest. However we strongly desire cross fertilization between craft groups and have interpolated plenary sessions in particular accordingly.

october linksIn comparison with previous meetings we are holding not one but two Masters Academies on the Tuesday, revisiting the popular Mechanical Circulatory Devices (MCS) Academy that was so well attended in Prague and introducing our first Pediatric Academy.

A raft of 24 pre-meeting symposia will also be held on the Wednesday starting at 8:00 AM and concluding at 6:30 PM. Topics chosen by the Program Committee Chairs represent the best of the many wonderful proposals submitted by the Councils and include a focus on antibody mediated rejection, hot topics in pulmonary hypertension, infections we would prefer not to have, developments in the pediatric world and how to deal with those devilish devices as well as a quantum of quality.

october linksThe first of three Plenaries—the Opening Plenary—provides the all-important Registry reports and a glimpse of the microscopic world within us all, the Human Microbiome. Ron Collman from University of Pennsylvania, who has published on the Pulmonary Microbiome in particular, will enlighten us regarding the broad implications for all Society members and their patients in his invited lecture, "The Human Microbiome: What Is It, How Do We Measure It, What Does It Mean For Thoracic Transplantation?"

Within the meeting, our Friday Plenary Session is devoted to the forgotten ventricle, "How to Succeed When the Right Ventricle Fails," chaired by Paul Corris and Sharon Hunt. Why the right ventricle? It is a topic we are only beginning to explore in depth that holds great importance for heart and lung transplantation alike as well as aficionados of MCS. So it should appeal and educate all attendees with illuminating structure and functional insights to mechanical support strategies.

october linksThe meeting proper has been devoted largely to scientific presentations with a balanced mix of oral sessions, mini-oral sessions and moderated poster sessions. The Abstract Submission site is now open! Also, Society members will have ample opportunity to assist in the meeting as session chairs and moderators.

The ever popular Junior Faculty Case Presentations are expected to be hotly contested and provide innovative discussion at the borders of our usual experience. Expect the unexpected!

Our farmers' favorite, the dawn-breaking Sunrise Sessions, return and amongst the 15 1-hour sessions you will find a panoply of intriguing issues including the perils of travel for the immune suppressed, pediatric controversies and battles with the bronchoscope to name just a few.

Among the 49 concurrent sessions, you will find such gems as The JHLT at the ISHLT where junior faculty will present the best of the year's publications in the Journal with a world view moderation by senior faculty in each of the major disciplines. A Lifecycle Journey in Cystic Fibrosis and Lung Transplantation promises to highlight an intriguing aspect of care from our pharmacy colleagues.

The Society is dedicated to the concept of improving working relationships on national and international levels with other key Societies germane to our membership. This year we have teamed with the American Society of Transplantation (AST) in a dual badged Symposium, AST at ISHLT, in two parts on antibodies and welcome Dolly Tyan, Stanley Jordan, Robert Colvin and Millie Samaniego who will partner ISHLT member speakers in a comprehensive evaluation of this emerging area of importance.

october linksAll things must pass and the Closing Plenary will showcase Society Consensus Conference reports on "Listing for Heart Transplantation" and "Primary Graft Failure of the Cardiac Allograft". We will highlight the meeting's major themes with invigorating debate on hot topics and insights into why The Mind Matters by Mary Amanda Dew who will describe the impact of mental health or lack thereof on all that we do and try to achieve via a systematic review on psychological distress in transplant recipients.

october linksAlso, we are fortunate indeed to have Marlene Rabinovitch who will discuss how basic research into BMPR mutations offers novel targets for therapeutic manipulation in patients with pulmonary artery hypertension.

So, prepare now to come to Montréal for the 33rd ISHLT Annual Meeting and Scientific Sessions, submit your best work and bring a mind open to challenges, diversity and collegiality. You will not be disappointed! october links More magic from ET

Disclosure Statement: the author has no conflicts of interest to disclose.

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