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Devotion, Dedication, Emancipation and Election:

The Clash of a Sound Heart and a Deformed Conscience

by Vincent Valentine


Quotable Quotes:
Kids Say The Darndest Things!
(for the kid in all of us)


Vincent Valentine

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John Dark
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A Focus on Pediatrics

Many thanks to Christian Benden (Links Associate Editor-Pediatrics) for coordinating the focus content for this issue.

The Links Staff offer our heartfelt expression of care and concern for our colleagues coping with the wrath of Hurricane Sandy and its aftermath. Our thoughts and prayers are with all affected by the destruction and devastation of this massive storm.

Vincent's Nostalgic Sense

It is just fitting to couple this issue of the Links with last month's issue. October's focus came from our young ones - the Junior Faculty Council. This month's issue comes from our Pediatric Council focusing on our future - through what we cherish the most, our children. Dr Law provides us the evolution of the workforce on Pediatric Heart Failure within the ISHLT setting the stage for the tasks at hand and reminding us that "children are not small adults," but they do say the darndest things. Drs Caby and Caby clarify and reiterate the importance of Psychosocial Intervention in Children after Cardiothoracic Transplantation. We must be ever so mindful of this, especially in children and their ability to cope. But it really boils down to procuring a heart for a child who desperately needs one. Dr Weinstein gives us a detailed account on Giving a Child a New Heart.

The hearts and consciences of our children are shaped at young age. Yet again Twain teaches us from the minds of cunning and playful boys of no more than 13 years of age the importance of dedication and devotion with their innocence on how it reshapes or "unlearns" not only themselves but all of society. From early childhood to old age in all walks of life there are always choices and when all is said and done we must choose for ourselves.

It is nostalgia that brings our thoughts back to our childhood days to rekindle our souls. Some of us may not like it, some of us never grow up, but I hope everyone has fond memories of their childhood. Mark Twain wrote Huck Finn in the first person from the mind of a 13-year-old who didn't get his own jokes. Through the playfulness of Tom and Huck, Twain captured the nostalgia of a bygone childhood. This is no different than the playfulness of Josh Baskin and Billy Kopeki in the 1988 movie, "Big," where Tom Hanks plays a 13-yr-old in a grown up's body. This Oscar-nominated film was directed by Penny Marshall who also directed the 1992 movie, "A League of their Own," (again starring Tom Hanks).

"The most useful and interesting letters we get here from home are from children seven or eight years old. This is petrified truth. Happily they have got nothing to talk about but home, and neighbors and family—things their betters think unworthy of transmission thousands of miles. They write simply and naturally, and without straining for effect. They tell all they know, and then stop." - Mark Twain

Vincent Valentine, MD
Links Editor

Focus Articles

  • ♦  Pediatric Council Update: Who the heck cares?
    by Melanie Everitt

    Is anyone really interested in what the Pediatric Council is up to? Melanie's got the answer, and it may surprise you! Also included in this update are the top 6 Things You Should Know as a Pediatric Council Member.

  • ♦  The Pediatric Heart Failure Workforce: A New Subcommittee, A New Movement
    by Yuk Law

    Find out why this new movement "has legs" and has found its home within ISHLT, striving to advance the care of children with heart failure.

  • ♦  Keeping Our Kids Safe: Recent Outbreaks in the News
    by Lara Danziger-Isakov

    Keeping track of emerging and re-emerging infectious outbreaks is the key to helping patients and their families avoid some potential risks.

  • ♦  Psychosocial Intervention in Children After Cardio-thoracic Transplantation
    by Andrea Caby and Filip Caby

    The Caby team offers some simple and creative methods of intervention in coping with chronic illness in multidisciplinary teams or settings.

  • nov links image ♦  Rylynn's Journey
    One Little Girl, One Very Little Heart

    A heartwarming follow-up story of one little patient, Rylynn Riojas, and her lifesaving journey under the care of pediatric cardiac surgeon and ISHLT member Kristine Guleserian.

  • ♦  Giving a Child a New Heart
    by Samuel Weinstein

    This captivating article written by a pediatric cardiothoracic surgeon describing a heart transplant from the moment "the call" is received, first appeared August 30, 2012, in the New York Times.

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