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Heart Failure and Transplant Medicine Highlights from Prague

D. Brad Dyke, MD
Heart Failure & Transplant Medicine Council Chair

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d brad dykeGreetings!

Allow me to introduce myself. I have the honor and privilege of serving as your Council Chair for the next year. You are no doubt used to the concept of "Full Disclosure," so let me start with mine.... I shamelessly admit that following the conclusion of the wonderful meeting in Prague, I used some of my "use it or lose it" vacation time and wandered around in Europe for a bit. I promised myself several days of minimizing emails, computers, and technology in general (with due apologies to my colleagues in the MCS Council for that little jab). It was wonderful. Now I'll try to update you on things related to our council.

For starters, many thanks to David Baran, who served as our past Chair, and Lee Goldberg, who served as our Chair this year! You both have done great jobs, and I hope to continue in this tradition. In addition, thanks to Stewart Sweet and his incredible team for putting together such a fantastic meeting in Prague. We are already looking forward to Montreal (see below).

Many thanks to Vincent Valentine, our LINKs editor. The bolstering of this communication tool over the past year has definitely been a welcome addition. With that said, our Communications Workforce leader, David Nelson, has graciously agreed to continue in his role for this year. Of special note, the December edition of LINKS will be focused on Heart Failure and Transplant Medicine. So, if you have any ideas for contributions to this, please contact either David or myself. Even though December is our big month, I anticipate monthly contributions from our Council. Hold us to it.

Looking into the future a bit, it is time for us to start thinking about my replacement already. Traditionally, we've chosen a Vice Chair, someone who will become Chair the following year, at the annual meeting. Having said that, there were many competing meetings, and due to the travel distance, the representation at our council meeting was not adequate for "paper ballots." In order to be fair to those who could not be in attendance, we will do this electronically this year. If you or someone you know, would like to put forth your name, please do so. What I'd ask for is for you to put together a 2-3 paragraph summary of who you are, where you are from, why you'd like to serve in this role, and what you would bring to this position. Please forward this information to me within the next 2 weeks. Once we have collected this info from those who are interested, we will send this to our council members for a formal vote. I anticipate having this done within the next 3 weeks.

As you may know, a new Committee of the ISHLT was recently formed - the International and Inter-Society Coordinating Committee (I2C2). Due to the need to fill this position without haste, Deborah Meyers, MD, from the University of Texas Health Sciences Center, was elected to this position during our Council meeting. I will ask Deborah to formally introduce herself in the next edition of LINKS.

Montreal - yes already looking forward to next year's meeting. Having said that, preparations are already underway. Now is the time for us to put forth ideas to the program committee. Please consider contributing to this effort. What we need is ideas, but more than just that. If you have a topic of interest (even if it crosses boundaries with other Council's potential ideas), please think about submitting a well flushed-out proposal. This would include a session title, objectives, a list of potential moderators (best if not all from one institution; consider individuals from various geographic regions, and junior members), a list of topics to be covered and finally, a list of potential speakers and alternates. This is largely for the non-abstract portions of the meeting (Symposia, etc...). We will need to have this process wrapped up by mid-JUNE, so don't delay. The more ideas we get, the better will be our representation in Montreal. Please forward your ideas to me ASAP. I will forward them on to our Program Committee Representatives.

Speaking of that, our representatives will remain the same this year. Lynne W. Stevenson, Luciano Potenta, Eulalia Roig, and Joren C. Madsen will continue on as our representatives - they have a difficult job, so help them out! Also, please consider serving as an abstract reviewer. It's a thankless job, but very important. If you wish to do this, please contact me.

Several of our other workforce leaders were unable to be in attendance, and we will be defining who will continue and who will step down in the near future. Certainly, so as to maximize institutional memory, commitments of a few years are best, but we will keep in mind that as many people as possible should be given the opportunity to serve our Council and Society.

More to follow ... much more! You can anticipate a barrage of emails from us in the near future—just what you wanted, I'm sure. Disable your email filters ...

If you have any questions, or concerns, please contact me. I can be reached at Additionally, please see the ISHLT web page for contact information for those serving as representatives on our Council.

Disclosure Statement: The author has no relevant financial relationships to disclose.